Recalibrate Me, Please!

To My Republican Friends

The same is true of you as of my Democratic and Leftie friends: Some of you are wicked smart, most of you are well intentioned. I'm a grown up and understand that we may sincerely disagree on political issues. But I'm having a perceptual problem. I look at George W. Bush and see one thing. You must look at him and see something else. Can you tell me where I'm going wrong in my perception?

I am not asking you to tell me why Gore was just as bad or worse. Certainly you could do a similar list about him. And had Gore won (well, by my lights he did, but you know what I mean), I'd answer your questions about what I see in him. I'm not being argumentative. I just want to know what you see. Really. I'm looking for a way not to be depressed for the next four years.

So, here's what I see when I look at Bush. Please tell me where I'm wrong. (Please reply by adding to the QuickTopic message board. Thanks.)

Read the replies.

  1. He isn't very good at facts and details

  2. He doesn't know very much about the issues

  3. He doesn't read anything he doesn't have to and may be functionally illiterate

  4. He has done nothing in his career that wasn't self centered until he ran for governor (and there are doubts about how altruistic that was)

  5. He has an oil man's view of the environment

  6. He has no record of support of the bill of rights, especially the parts the religious right doesn't like

  7. He is further to the right than he let on during the race against Gore, and gave a true-er picture of his beliefs during the Republican primaries

  8. He did everything he could to prevent a recount because he believed there was an excellent chance he would lose

  9. He will nominate extremist, marginally qualified Justices, as per his comment that the two he most admires now are Scalia and Thomas (!)

  10. He has no record of integrity (e.g., sacrifice, taking unpopular stands, etc.) before he was 40 and none, really, after 40

I promise not to argue, at least not much. I really do want to understand. Take this as a desperate plea for help. Reply here. Thank you.

David Weinberger
December 18, 2000
[email protected]

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