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3.5 minute "take aways" from USAID (Dec. 2012) about how networked knowledge affects organizations.

"Too Big to Know" at FAST in Berlin, March 2012 (about 30 mins)

"The highlight and my personal favorite...the audience hung on his every word, almost reverently, while Weinberger nimbly explained the nature of the Web." - Crowdsourcing

My "Too Big to Know" talk at the Harvard Berkman Center for Internet & Society (about an hour, including Q&A)

"Too Big to Know" at Recorded Future in Brussels, June 2012 (about 30 mins)

[email protected] talk about "Too Big to Know."

9-minute interview on To the Best of Our Knowledge about why we're not suffering from information overload, and what's going on with knowledge.

A Too Big to Know book talk, recorded as part of the WGBH Forum Series, at Harvard Bookstore, Jan. 2012. This one is more informal, a bit shorter (30 mins), and without slides.

A video of a talk at NYTECH about Too Big to Know (1 hr 19 mins), Jan. 25, 2012

A talk at the Digital Library Foundation on some of the themes in Too Big to Know, in Oct. 2011. (I start at 2:50)

2011 DLF Forum Keynote Address - Knowledge, Libraries, Information.

Five minutes at the U.S. National Archives on why social media matter, and why the Internet is not a medium, Nov. 2011. (Starts at 40 minutes in)

On this page there's a 26 minute interview by Nora Young that ran on the CBC's Spark Radio about Too Big to Know. Nora is a wonderful interviewer.

And for library geeks, here's an interview on Spark about new library technology being developed by the Harvard Library Lab I co-direct. Aired version (8 mins) | Uncut, full interview

From 99 Faces, an 11 minute interview. The topics, in order, are: Cluetrain ten years late, Too Big to Know, what makes the Internet special, and the threats to the open Internet.

Google has posted a nicely-done video -- they got the slides as well as an inset of me -- of my Everything is Miscellaneous book tour "stump speech." It's here. (2008, 57 mins)

My talk about what the Web is doing to leadership, at LeWeb 2008 in Paris.

Is technology moral? A keynote at Drupalcon, 2009 (36 mins)

This was also the subject of my commencement address at Marlboro College Graduate Center, 2008. 1 2 3 4

I keynoted the Personal Democracy Forum in July 2009 with a 20 min talk (pretty nerdy) about why transparency matters . In it, I talk about the changing role of facts, and why "Transparency is the new objectivity." (Note that the superimposition of slides gets them considerably out of order, and with substitute fonts that are too big.)

Jerry Michalski video-interviews me about the business importance of messiness at the Fast Forward conference (Feb 2008).

Chris Vallance of the BBC has posted the complete 30 minute interview with me, which he edited down to about 7 minutes for broadcast.  You can listen to the full interview here.

Bradley Horowitz of Yahoo interviews me (May, 2007) (60 mins)

My keynote at the NTEN (Non-profit Technology Network) conference, March, 2007

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Marco Montemagno iterviews me on Sky TV in Italy. Hear my perfect, unaccented Italian! ;)

Mario Sixtus for the German newspaper Handelsblatt interviews me about Cluetrain, politics, anonymity, PR... (20 minutes) - Feb. 2, 2006

Jeff Jarvis interviews me about marketing and Everything Is Miscellaneous (pre publication) March, 2007 (8 mins)

Mario Sixtus Feb. 2007 (20 mins)

CoBrandit interviews me about Twitter - April 2007 (2 mins)

CoBrandit interviews me: The Internet conversation is more important than marketing - April 2007

Ken Shafer interviews me at the Canadian Marketing Association on marketing - March 2007 (1:37 mins)

NPR consulting - in-house video of part of a panel - Trusting the Long Tail...but add metadata - March, 2007 (3:13)

Marketplein - Dutch marketing conference - Marketing keynote - Oct. 3 2006 (3 mins)

What blogging is not Marketing's war on customers

Helsinki - Three orders of order - April 2007 (1:40)

David Weinberger | [email protected] | For speaking inquiries: Bob Katz [email protected] 781-652-8160