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Rowling Weds! J.K. Rowling, author

Rowling Weds!

J.K. Rowling, author of the Harry Potter series, today married anesthesiologist Neil Murray. The private Rowling issued no photos, but the happy couple were caught on film several months ago:

Immediately after this picture was taken, however, a gust of wind blew back the good doctor’s hair:

For purposes of creepy comparison:

NOTE to commenters: I love your passion for the Harry Potter books, but you should be aware that there’s no reason to think that JK Rowling reads this blog.

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  1. Dear j.k.rowling,

    I am a great fan of yours.No need to tell you,that you are great.I have read all the five books of Harry Potter of yours many many times.Even after reading them so many times they never appear bore.If possible,will you write to me back?Please please?I promise that I won’t tell your email-id to any one.My e-mail id is [email protected]!!!!!!!!!!!!


  2. Dear j.k.rowling,

    I am a great fan of yours.No need to tell you,that you are great.I have read all the five books of Harry Potter of yours many many times.Even after reading them so many times they never appear bore.If possible,will you write to me back?Please please?I promise that I won’t tell your email-id to any one.My e-mail id is [email protected]!!!!!!!!!!!!


  3. Dear J.K.Rowling
    I am a great fan of yours and of course,Harry’s.But after reading all your books ,i have a doubt:
    In his 5th year at Hogwarts,Harry was able to see the Thestrals,because he had seen Cedric die the previous year.But in line 20 in page 629 of ‘The Goblet Of Fire’,it is mentioned “..Hermione turned away,smiling at the HORSELESS CARRIAGES which….”.Why wasn’t Harry able to see Thestrals then?It as after Cedric’s Death!
    Hope you are well!

  4. i have recieved a copy of a book called harry potter book 6 harry potter and the ring of the ancients please email me if u need a copy cause i dont know whether it is real or authentic it is in word format and is about 400 pages and sounds very real to harry potter reader.please do respond to this message.

  5. haha it is a fake lol

  6. SO FOND OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. dear Mrs Rowling
    I’m a great fan of yours.I’m an Indian and Iwant to ask you just one thing.Are you mad?
    yOU’ve written that Gryffindors never turn out to be traitors.Then you said Peter was a Gryffindor.How on earth can that happen?
    Please send me a satifactory answer.I promise I won’t give away your e-mail ID.

  8. i would like to know j.k. rowlings e-mail id.
    verrrrrrrrrrry imp

  9. i am from india.i received an admission from the university of manchester,uk for M.Sc in i have no sufficient funds to study there,i need your financial help.i came to know that you are richer than the queen now.i could not apply for any scholarships as i was not sure of the all the deadlines are over for applications.the fee for the university is 10,500pounds.i hope you will help me in by providing financial help.
    thank you.

  10. this is Aishwarya again.i would like to request all of you who read my message to help e-mail id is [email protected]

  11. Any body who reads my email. If you have a copy of Harry Potter and the Ring of the Ancients can you please e-mail it to [email protected]

  12. i am from india. please i want ur id .iam ur gr8 fan.i will not tell anyone.

  13. i am from india. please i want ur id .iam ur gr8 fan.i will not tell anyone.

  14. pls. send me a copy of the story!….pls?

  15. anyone who has a copy of ring of the ancients should plz mail it to me!

  16. i reckon Ravenclaw rocks! what’s gonna happen, all the heirs of the four houses are gonna turn up? i don’t thinks so but anyway Ravenclaw chases rock!

  17. Please, if you have a copy of the 6 book about harry potter: hrry potter and the ring of the ancients write to me: [email protected]

  18. Please, if you have a copy of the 6 book about harry potter: hrry potter and the ring of the ancients write to me: [email protected]

  19. hi… wut is this? y are peoples e-mails posted on this sight?

  20. Does anybody has the copy of the seventh book.

  21. Dear Miss Rowling,
    I was just wondering if your making more Harry potter books. If you are please E-mail me at [email protected].

    p.s I have read all your Harry Potter books except the 5th one. I enjoyed every sigle one of them.Please continue to make more Harry Potter books please!!

  22. dear rowling,
    ilove ur books so much that i keep reading them over and over again.i have completed all the 5 books.2 things i dont like in ur hints about the next books are 1. u said that ur going to kill one of harry’s friends 2.u said that harry will survive only till the last book in the series and if harry is going to die because of voldermaut my friend says she may even cry.i dont think u would want anyone to cry because of ur books.i suggest that u should make a better ending.waiting for ur reply,
    your fan

  23. You all need to take a stiff dose of reality. Rowling will never respond to any of you. She will never read a single message on this board. “please email me…I promise I won’t give your email address out to the entire world…really!”

    I want to know what kind of wierdo sits and writes an entire fake book, like the ring of the ancients, and distributes it, before the real book is published?

  24. Harry Potter and the Ring of the Ancients is an ok fan fiction, but the person who wrote it must never had read the 5th book, things are drastically different, and as a whole it doesn’t make much sense or fit in with the 5th book. I’m guessing it was written after Goblet of Fire and possibly a fake 5th book, but i’m not sure. It is decent reading, if your really fiending for more Harry Potter. By the way, the 6th book isn’t even finished yet

  25. Hello Ms.J K Rowling. i need not say that you are just marvellous. i just wanted to ask you from where aand how actually did you get the idea of writing novels on Harry Potter?
    With Best Wishes,

  26. Dear JK Rowling,
    I am the biggest fan of your novel (this must have been said by millions of children). I am a 15-yr-old giel from India. I was willing to send you my mail from 2 years but I didn’t have your address. Today when I found your e-mail ID from google (I hope it’s not wrong). I know you really don’t have anytime to read your millions and millions of fan-mails but we just can’t resist ourselves to communicate with you. I am writing this mail to just tell you that I really love the different and a bit strange names you write in novel like ‘Durmstrang’ and ‘kneazle’ and many others. I came across some Indian names also like ‘Parvati’ and padma’. In the end I just wanna say that I love your imagination which is so much beautiful.
    With Best Wishes,
    Isha Mehta

  27. Harry Potter and the Ring of the Ancients is fan fiction and the author of this book has written to books before. ROTA is his 3. book. But the titel of the other two i havent found jet.

  28. I’ve downloaded Harry Potter And The Ring Of The Ancients from the Kazaa this vacations, it’s overcrowded with mad things which would never happen in the real book, and I’m glad JKR would never write a story like that!. Anyway, I’m beggining to do do an animation (you know, with Macromedia’s program called Flash) about that version of the book. I will put it in my web page ** **. although the page is not available yet (by the way, it is in spanish). Well, a big hug to everyone, and hope to see you around my page (it is about the Simpsons, but who cares!?).

  29. harry potter and ring of ancients is the sixth book in the series of hp books is written by making base of first four books.the author has written 5 th book with same name as order of phoenix than sixth book the ring of ancients.i came to know that the author has written 7 and 8th book also in this series. if any body have these 7 and 8th book plzzzzzzzzz send me.
    i tell u guys these books are really great. at some points u r forced to believe wht author has written. the author has done a good job.all hp fans must go through these books also.
    [email protected]

  30. por el amor de dios, todos ustedes aduladores pateticos, dan pena “por favor quiero su e-mail” no, no, no

  31. i llove you aishwariya rai

  32. Dear Ms Rowling, Hope u r fine! This is Bhaswati, from JNU, New Delhi, India.
    This is my first mail to you! I am a great admirer of yours, and of course Harry’s…all his adventures and the books. I have read all the five books and I finished reading the fifth one just a few days back… I must say that the fifth one is, perhaps, the best of all the Harry Potter books published so far and is simply OUTSTANDING. But what made me willing to write a few lines to you is that, I was really pained by an incident that takes place in Chapter 35/36…It was nothing but the sad departure of Sirius Black from the living world. It has indeed left a very painful void, not only in Harry’s life and mind, but also in the hearts of the readers. I am sure there would be many other fans of Harry, who have been equally hurt by this incident. Dear Joanne, this is just to request you to bring back Sirius from Beyond the Veil in the forthcoming adventures of Harry. It would be so delightful for Harry sa well as his fans to have the brave Sirius, his Godfather back with him… I am sure you can indeed plan out some means to bring him back…After all, he has just gone beyond the Veil. Please, Please, Please do think of bringing him back… It will be really great! Take care…Regards…Bhaswati

  33. I should remind people that there’s no reason to think that Ms. Rowling reads this page. I wish she did because she’d meet so many devoted fans!

  34. DEar madam Rowling,

    i finished reading the ‘Goblet of fire’book today only.i accept u as my teacher to write stories.but before that,i need to have some tips from u on writing short novels.

    please e-mail some tips to my id which i’ve mentioned .

  35. DEar madam Rowling,

    i finished reading the ‘Goblet of fire’book today only.i accept u as my teacher to write stories.but before that,i need to have some tips from u on writing short novels.

    please e-mail some tips to my id which i’ve mentioned .

    i forgot say u that i’m an INDIAN & i send this from India.

    please reply me.

    Thanking you

    M.vignesh ‘potter’

  36. Dear J.K Rowling,

    This is Aleeta from India.I’m a great fan of u and harry potter.I really enjoy reading ur books.Would u pls tell me harry’s email id?When is ur next book arriving?I am looking forward for ur reply.I know that u have millions of fans,but pls don’t forget me?My email ID is: [email protected]

  37. Remember, you are commenting on a blog entry ABOUT J.K. Rowling, not a page she wrote or she reads.

  38. hello madam, i’m from India and a great fan of you, i wish to send you my paintings of “harry potter”. please give me your mail id or your contact address to send my paintings.

    please give me reply mail to my mail ID

    with lots of expectation

  39. Muthu, please read the comment right before yours.

  40. Hi, I am Vinod Joshi From India. I am A great fan of you. i have seen all of the movies, and i have read all the books published of harry potter.I know that You have millions of fans,but i am a real great fan of you. Please don’t forget me?I Want to Know Your E-Mail ID. Please Give Me Your E-Mail Id.
    My email ID is: [email protected]

  41. Hey Mrs Rowling, just like 2 comment that you r such the coolest author. I would like 2 tell you in year 3 i hated books, i neva had finished reading one. But one day in Year 4 my teacher started reading the first four books of Harry Potter 2 us, and since then i havent got enough of them. I have finished all of them 83 times – i have kept a tally- and i have won the Harry Potter Quisitorial 4 times in a row every year, that is how much i have read Harry Potter. With Harry Potter I am very thankful that i loved the series because i read it over and over again in every spare moments and thats has improved my English marks in school, i used 2 suck at english and now I am getting straight A’s “for imaginable descriptive texts which broadens the minds of the audience” and i would just like to say that that glory only comes from you.
    I love Harry Potter so much that he inspired me 2 read other books, my room shelf used 2 be stuffed with Star Wars figurines and Dinosaurs (reception -2) and the Simpsons but their in the corner in a huge box, for now i have…472 books which are my most favourite books stacked on the 6 shelves. U have inspired me 2 read the Wind on Fire Trilogy which is my second best series after Harry Potter and many, many, many more..
    Justlike 2 also say, without u in this world J.K there would be no Harry Potter and there will be no real excitement in our lives, so that is why when Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince was released on July 16th in Australia i have already read it 7 times and today is July 22nd,so I still cannot get enough of the gripping tale of Snape’s treachery and more clues and shocking things that I wont reveal.
    I will just like 2 also say when u released HPHBP I had already had a mind that Snape was a traitor I dont no if you meant it 2 clues 2 b in the other book but i definitely discovered them and I worked it out. And the Half-Blood Prince I worked that out in the first few chapters.
    Ok i g2g Mrs Rowling, keep writing your lovely fantasising stories,and please make a Harry Potter Novel of his life after Hogwarts.
    Damian Stokes, 13, South Aussie

  42. salut je voudrais savoir si “The ring of the ancients” est l’authentique harry Potter 6 parce que il y a “The half blood prince” et aussi est ce que les deux histoires sont similaires ? donc voila voila !

  43. Dear J.K.Rowling,
    Happy birthday.I am Aishwarya from India .I am crazy about Harry Potter and you.If you find time please write back or say something on your website.Say hi to Mackenzie from me.I read book 6 and I think it is simply fantastic. That’s the least I can say.Ofcourse, I did not want Dumbeldore to die.But it’s okay.I am looking forward to the seventh book and your reply.Please do reply.Happy Birthday!!!!!

  44. the 6th book was ok…….. i found a few mistakes though…………. the movies suk compaired to the books and theres ulgy actors!!!!!!!!

  45. hey, iwas just wondering how many books are in the series? in the flap cover thingy, it said that there were only 7 books in the series. is that true? please write back. rocket girl.

  46. Hi Ms JK Rowling
    few questions: you really enjoy writing this book? you believe in god? and what about harry and mr dombeldor?
    3.why you thougt that dombeldor must die?
    cause ithink that was a mistake
    and do you inspire the book from your inviroment?

    my email:
    [email protected]
    i will be pleased to have your answer.

  47. please continue on writing
    7, 8, 9 and so on

  48. hello,
    please continue on writing the series
    i am 13
    i love your books

  49. dear J.K.Rowling

    i will not waste time to inform you that you are a brilliant auther,perhaps even the greatest auther of all time,i am a good fan but i will will not stoop as low as to say i am your number 1 fan, i know you might be thinking oh no!not another iritated parent,but i am not i am actually eleven years old, i am really writting to inform you that i am very dissapionted in you how could you just kill off dumbledore.please write back even though it was just a waste of my time writing this i am living in denmark but i come from Zimbabwe and my e-mail is [email protected] bye i dont expect you to write to me but theres always hope

  50. Dear j.k.Rowling,
    I am shaurya m. I am your’s very big fan . I would be pleased to get your E-mail I.D
    please mail me your I.D at –
    [email protected]


  52. Hy, missis Rowling! I am a big fan of you, of tour books and of Daniel Radcliffe! I hope that is tour adress, because i hope to recevean e-mail at like auncer (on my adress).Please. And if u can , I hope that we will talk together, because i have to told u a lot of things and i have to ask u somethigs. I hope that u will send me a mail. Kiss you. Bye.Lexy ( Hermione_g)

  53. dear jkrowling
    a love your books,especially the half blood prince but there are some questions that i want to ask you.please write me on my email([email protected])

  54. Mrs. Rowling kindly forward this mail to DANIEL RADCLIFFE.

    Dear Dan,

    We are big fans of you!!!!!! We love your books and we love the way you act in all the movies. You are very cute. When we visit England, we will be happy to meet you !!! Can you do me a favour by sending us your personal e-mail id so that we may directly be in touch with you.

    Be Well. Take care.

    Truly Yours,

    Vandya & Roshni
    Bangalore, India
    + 91 93422 47095

    p.s.: Please call us if you can.

  55. hello Mrs Rowling

    I wanted to say… that i love harry potter!! and specialy to daniel radcliffe, i love he!!

    And i think that you are the most good writter!! i wanted to say a question bat not in public.. please writte to my e-mail
    ([email protected])
    thanks!!… bye!!

  56. hello Mrs Rowling

    I wanted to say that i like harry harry potter!! and specialy daniel radcliffe!! i love he…

    And i think that you are the best writter!!and i wanted to say a question bat not in public… please writte me… my e-mail is [email protected]

  57. hello Mrs Rowling

    I wanted to say that i like harry harry potter!! and specialy daniel radcliffe!! i love he…

    And i think that you are the best writter!!and i wanted to say a question bat not in public… please writte me… my e-mail is [email protected]

    pd:writte me please!!

  58. J.K. Rowling,

    Hello. Don’t really know why I’m doing this. Just felt like it. Really love the books, yesh, yesh. Ummm.. Read all of ’em adleast five times.. The movies seem awful compaired to the books, I mean honestly. They get rid of half the stuff. And the really important parts, the parts that are tricky and puzzle-ish are all gone.. It makes me a little sad that such good books had to be cut down to size and turned into movies..

    -The Anonymous Potato

  59. HEllo id like to know Mrs Rowlings email-Id pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeease im a great fan of hers i SWARE that i wont tell it to anyone.

  60. Hi I’m Cristian…from chile and I want that you make more books for all of us….my english is not perfect because I speak spanish….Hey if Daniel Radcliffe has msn or mail… please give me please…better teel him that add me mail msn is [email protected].

    Cristian Riveros

  61. Hi J.K.

    I’m from Slovenia and I’m not a teenager. Have just a brilliant idea about Your next book in Potter series. I know You already have the ending, but after I tell You my idea, You will simply admit that nobody haven’t got anything similar to this! Ever.
    But there may be a problem, because it’s such a beautiful idea (particular for Potter series) that I simply don’t want anybody else, except You, to read it. Maybe You can call me on my phone (I will recognize Your voice) or You find other way by Your own. Cheers

    ++386 40 775 626

  62. Hello,
    dear Rowling
    * HAPPY NEW YEAR 2006 *~

    my name is Jyoti and iam an Indian.
    I use to read almost each and every news about u, ur book & Harry potter movies, which are available. after a long search i could this page. oh can i get ur ny mail address or site on which i can sent the feedback.IF U HAVE READ THIS MESSAGE THE PLEASE MAIL UR AUTOGRAPH AND PICTURE TO MY MAIL ADDRESS i.e.

    joe_m[email protected]

    reply soon!
    HAPPY NEW YEAR once again!

  63. Dear MRS.Rowling, I had an idea. You could make a new set of books about what happenns to Harry after his seventh year unless he dies in the seventh wich I doubt he will.Please consider my idea.
    Your #1 fan,
    P.S.May I have MRS. Rowling’s E-Mail I.D. Pleeeeeeeeeeeeeease. I won’t tell anyone, I promise.I’ve also read all six books I finished yesterday.

  64. >.>; ….
    Oh kudos for me, I’m lost. ^.^;;;;
    Well, since everyone else is saying their greetings… Here’s mine with a little “Of Doom” added on the end! ^__^

    Dear Mrs. Rowling,
    (AKA: Sam’s ever worshipped god)

    That was just a joke, don’t take it seriously. >.>;

    My name is Samantha Materne.
    I’m 15 and I live in Harker Heights, Texas. And up till I picked up Harry Potter, I hated reading…. And writing…. And pretty much everything that I love now! I guess it’s safe to say that you helped shape me into the wonderful Otaku(Geek) I am today. And for that I thank you. ^^ You’re an amazing writer and I hope that one day (If I ever get around to publishing a book of my own) I might be able to meet you…. You know, get your autograph, do the whole “Number One Fan” thing. Seems dorky, but I don’t care. I s’pose there would be other things that teenagers would enjoy more. But that’s pretty much it for me. I’m pretty sure that once the HP series is over I’m gonna cry. Me and my other Otaku friends are going to have a party after the last book comes out. ^.^ Sort of a farewell thing.
    Any-which-way, I’d also like to thank you and your writings for bringing me and my best friend togather. Sachiko and I have been together for nearly 7 years now. ^.^ Kudos for us, no?
    Oops I guess I have written a tad too much. Everyone else just said the normal “I’m a big fan, Please write me back!” And that sort of what not. Don’t get me wrong! I’m a huge fan too! Ehehe, can’t forget that stuff! ^.^
    Once again, I love your writing. I can truthfully say, without the slightest doubt, that you, indeed rock.
    From one Otaku to another,
    (AKA- That one blonde girl that scares people)

    I don’t know if this is truely a sight that gives you messages but incase it is… Please e-mail me, it’d be pretty cool to have a famous pinpal. I kidd, I kidd.

    [email protected]

    The Otaku Are Taking Over! RUN!

  65. Dear Mrs Rowling
    My name is Ana and I live in Serbia. I gotta say that u are an grete writer. By the way I write stories and I’m the first in my land with story about three witches. Right now i’m writing an novel about Beauxbatons school. The name is ‘Tara and the Beauxbatons school of magic and beauty’. What do you think about that?

  66. Dear Mrs Rowling
    My name is Ana and I live in Serbia. I gotta say that u are an grete writer. By the way I write stories and I’m the first in my land with story about three witches. Right now i’m writing an novel about Beauxbatons school. The name is ‘Tara and the Beauxbatons school of magic and beauty’. What do you think about that?
    Please send me your autograph [email protected]

  67. dear mrs.Rowling,

    I love your harry potter books so much they have interested me into doing witch craft. I even tryed flying my house broom off the dresser (big mistake). Will u pleese email me again my email is [email protected] pleese email me again.
    p.s. how funny i have the same first name as ur charcter and last. lol

  68. hola soy berenice te felicito por todos tus libros es lo mas bello que conosi… mira que a mi no me gustaba la lectura pero lo tuyo fue algo ecepcional GRACIAS POR TODO!

    p/d:por favor dale ptro final q harry no muera…


  69. Heey J.K
    ALot of people think i’m a freak but no i’m not i like to read and speciely your books they are wonderfull and i like how you write them … but anyway i’m 13 years and i live in Denmark …
    So i just wanted you to know that i’m a big fan of you.. and i’m travelling to london this year not by my self but whit my class… if i will get the chance to meet you then i’ll hope that there won’t be alot of people because this is MY BOOK! Only Mine…

    Love Mariam

  70. i love the HP series

  71. Dear Rowling,
    I am 11 and staying in the Middle East.How are you? Actually Iwas a bad reader.I did not like to read at all.But after reading Harry Potter I love reading.Please reply

  72. Hi Daniel,
    I am Nevena and I live in Serbia and Montenegro.
    Do you want to write a letter with me. I have fourteen years old.
    p.s:”I want to step in contact with you”.
    My e-mail is [email protected]

  73. did you know that she made a mistake in harry potter 4 e-mail me to find out more at [email protected]

  74. dear J.K. Rowling,
    hi rowling, can i ask a favor? this is the situation, my father is living in anoher woman, later they lived together and leaved us. Now i am 4th year and i am applying for a scholarship but the problem is i don’t have a sponsor, can you be my sponsor? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase… I WILL WORK FOR YOU, I WILL DO ANYTHING I CAN DO FOR RETURN. please

    ***GOD BLESS YOU***

  75. dear J.K. Rowling,
    hi rowling, can i ask a favor? this is the situation, my father is living in anoher woman, later they lived together and leaved us. Now i am 4th year and i am applying for a scholarship but the problem is i don’t have a sponsor, can you be my sponsor? pleeeeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaase… I WILL WORK FOR YOU, I WILL DO ANYTHING I CAN DO FOR RETURN. please

    ***GOD BLESS YOU***

  76. J.K. Rowlings,
    hi, i’m john sheen, filipino.i just wanna say that you’re amazing. I want to be just like you someday, a great writer! but how will you know our comments if you dont have an e-mail add.? i hope you will give me you’re e-mail add. Thanks J.K. ***GOD BLESS YOU**

    john sheen

  77. Hi,um my name is megan and i use to hate reading books.when i first herd about harrypotter i thought it was a waste of time,but then one day i got grounded and was told to read harrypotter and the sorccers stone.i actually read it and i pictured it,i never could picture anything befor,then i started telling my parents about it and they loved hearing me actually tell them about it,now i love your books,when i herd that you were making the last one(7th),i got so upset,i just finished the 6th book harrypotter n the half blood prince it was very good just like all the others it made me cry when dumbledor died,and im not the type of person to read or anything but i came to love your books more than anything else,and i do wish you would keep going but i understand why you dont.i just wanted to let you no that im proud of what you have done you’ve inspired me that when theirs no chance of hope do something about it.Thank you so much,love always,

  78. have agreat life

  79. hi!!i am akshay from India and i am curious to know what is the incident in page the 5th book,

    “…at the solstice will come a new…” and then “and none will come after…”.

    i would be happy if u give me a hint about what it is if it is significant.

    u can use my id to answer me

    thanking u


  80. hi J.K.Rowling,
    u r absolutely great.i like harry potter books a lot and i have read each book countless times.i have even made a list of all the characters of yours books,i cant live without reading harry potter books atlest once in a day.YOUR CREATION IS GREAT.I WILL NEVER FORGET U IN MY LIFETIME.Rowling i thank God for creating a person like you.please reply to me atleast once.just that i will come to know that you are reading my messages.I hope you are reading my mail.I KNOW THAT YOU HAVE MILLIONS OF FANS AND ALL OF THEM WOULD HAVE SENT YOU A MESSAGE.BUT I SINCERELY HOPE THAT YOU WILL READ MY MESSAGE. YOU HAVE MADE MY LIFE BEAUTIFUL BY CREATING HARRY POTTER.
    PLEASE MAIL ME AT [email protected]

  81. dear jk rowling i would be pleased to you i f send me your personal email id my email id is nitinrajeev

    your greatest fan,

  82. dear mr.rowling,
    congratulations for ur wedding .i jus love ur choice.i think ur choice is perfect where as dan is concerned.i think dan is the ideal person to play harry potter. i’d want to make a request . plz send me dans id by mail or plz give him mine and ask him to add me. plz plz plz . my id is [email protected]

    Dear Ms Rowling,
    I am writing from INDIA.I am the greatest fan of you.I just want to ask a question that are you a student of Hogwarts School of Witchcrafts & Wizardry?then how can you extend your imaginations this much?You are the greatest gift to the world of literature.I feel lucky that I am able to read such a beatiful treasure of literature.My happiness can’t be told in words when I read your books.PLEASE DON’T STOP AT 7TH PART ONLY. I want your personal E-mail ID. I know that you
    are very busy but PLEEEEEEEEEEEEASE read my message & also I will not irritate you by sending much messages.
    Ms Rowling, I have very strong wish TO ACT IN HARRY POTTER FILM but as I live in INDIA I think my dream will only remain as dream.I am 17 years old(2006).MY E-MAIL ID IS [email protected]
    Message to Mr Daniel Radcliffe,Mr Rupert Grint & Ms Emma Watson: I am greatest fan of you & your films.I remember all the dialogs with background music & acting of all the characters in all the sequels of film.will you please like to take in one of the sequels for acting? PLEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEASE RESPOND ME & GIVE ME YOUR PERSONAL ID’S. MY E-MAIL ID IS [email protected]



  86. I Love Your Books I can’t wait for the 7th book to come out. My Mom is excited too.


  87. Hi Ms. Rowling,

    My name is Collin, I live in Cheyenne, Wy.
    I’ve read all your books so far. I can’t wait for the 7th book to come out. I’m 11 years old. I really want to be like you when I grow up, I want to Write a book that everyone loves.


  88. Avada Kedavra! your books are fantastic. I read your books 10 to 20 times and also remember some of its dialogue.I liked Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire the most. I wrote seventh book of Harry Potter and send it to you with my brother who is recently in London. Hope it reaches you

  89. luv ur buks!

  90. Hi, Mrs. Rowling I’m brasilian, my name’s Gustavo and I read all your books (including “Fantastics Beast & Where to Find Them” and “Quidditch Through the Ages”)seven times counted I think Harry Potter it’s great! Your many fans should say that but I would like you to send me an e-mail and that we have e-mail communication. You’re great! Thanks a lot for exist! To e-mail me, this is my e-mail: [email protected]


  91. dear jk rowling
    my name is jacob
    i live in california,usa
    i have a question for you and it would be greatly appreciated if you were to give me some kind of responce.
    i am 14 i have read every one of your books and loved them all…

    now back to my question..
    i know how dumbledore gets murdered by snape and i was wondering why some one dosnt use a time turner to warn him about snape and tell him the horocurse is a fake…
    if maybe i could get a responce

    my phone # is xxx-xxx-xxxx
    if you dont call this number its ok
    because its long distance

    but please email me at
    [email protected]

    thanks and hope fully talk to you soon

    [NOTE: I edited out personal details. Kids should not post this type of information on the Web! – David Weinberger]

  92. Hello my name is Aakash.I seriously love your books and I am eager and curious about the 7th book.Well i know the the story of the aunt who did’nt had any money when you lived with your daughter Jessica that’s J.K Rowling(you) and it is only your effort which gave you success and the net result is that you have unlimited fans at every corner of the whole world and will be.I think the 7th book would be mindblowing.

    After all i said,i know this would,nt be read by you.But it’s ok it gave me a satisfaction

  93. hi i love yourfilms love acting and i really
    would like to be in your movie im a good acter
    contact me on my email:[email protected]

  94. I love your books, ican’t stop reading them. i can’t believe Dumbledore died in the sixth book. When does your last book come out? You don’t have to e-mail me back if you don’t want to, I mean I will find ou sooner or later.

  95. hiya does anyone no what jk rowlings e mail address is? i would like to ask her something

  96. Dear J.K.ROWLING, ma’am i really dont know whether i am your greatest fan or not since there are so many people around the world who claim themselves to be your gratest fan. You have created certain charm on me(and everybody else) which has made me attached to Harry very deeply. you have created a genre of reading round the world when i feared that the sweetness of reading books would vanish forever. i have read your all six books loads of times and has been successful in developing interest in ten children more by giving them the books!!!!! It is my wish that one day i would meet you but it is only possible if you come in INDIA.hoping to meet you at least once in lifetime–SAMEER PLEASE REMEMBER ME IF YOU READ [email protected]

  97. Hello,
    I just wanted to tell I am a big fan and I was hoping you would write more books. My parents think there great for kids imaginations ( and my A.R. goal)
    My parents, cosins , and freinds tink there so fun to read. Please e-mail me!

  98. Hello J.K.Rowling, don’t listen to anyone else.I am your biggest fan.I read all your harry potter books at least 100 times each no lie, I will do anything to find out how many pages are in your last book, i hope it is like 1,000….I just enjoy lovingly reading your books, i read them everyday, i cant wait for the las tbook to come out …..PLEASE MAKE IT MORE THAN 1000 PAGES,there are many loose ends…..THANK YOU

  99. hi everyone you know jk rowling doesnt read these emails

  100. please make it clear abt snape in ur nxt book. i hope u wont mind if i give u a suggestion. make it like snape killed dumbledore on dumbledore’s order itself so he can gain trust from voldemort.
    make it like after harry kills voldemort, he gets fed up n walks into d archway in the ministry. u can kill ron,hermoine n harry’s close frnds so tat he gets fed up of life.. sorry if i have offened u by suggesting.. thanking u

  101. hello jk rowling my name is akanksha and from india. iam the biggest fan of your and i read all your book .i dont know when are you going to read this message and reply for it and that time iam alive or not well i just can request you to reply as early as possible
    my mail id is
    iam eagerly waiting for your reply………………………………..

  102. hi j.k rowling how are you i dont know how to say hello to you so i will begin like this my uncles name is tariq he says that he is your husbands freind that is all i am going to say plaese oh please e-mail me back and can you tell me what that url: means

    thankyou verry much i hope we keep in contact bye for now

  103. Hi my name is Theodore Kwan! I’m a really big fan of your books!Do you know Daniel Raddicliffs email address or phone number?

  104. DEAR MRS. ROWLING I HAVE TO SAY JUST THIS THAT IF U KILL POTTER I WILL KILL U!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  105. Dear J.k Rowling,
    I think you are a very good author and I have enjoyed reading each of your books.I am waiting anxiously for the 7th book and I am sure it will be as humorous,exciting and dark as the other books you have written.Its a pleasure reading your books and I sincerely hope that the books you write after Harry potter will be as adventurous and fun to read.You are a brilliant author!and you should keep it up!!!
    (You can mail me at [email protected])

  106. Are you people idiots or what? Do you actuaully think J.K. Rowling actually reads this stuff? This is a place to discuss the books and talk amongst yourselves.

  107. mrs.rowling i wanted to ask you what exactly lord voldemort wants to become? i mean he could have become the minister of magic! and easily do his wrong work, but now he is just wasting his time hiding from world, sending death eaters here and there etc. But what exactly he wants to do? want to take over the world, take over ministry, or anything else? He is immortal now what he wants. plz reply me mam. my e mail address is [email protected]

  108. hello miss rowling
    i m a gr8 fan of urs. i have read all the six bks of harry potter & am waiting for the 7th one. when will u release it? the last word will be scar or scars?pls pls reply if u can
    swagata (i m an indian, 12 yrs old)

  109. hi,

    myself kavita from india. i m a great fan of urs. i have read all the six parts of harry potter.its really fantastic. this is the first ever book which made me feel the reality. do u know, when i read about sirius balack and dumbledore’s death tears came into may eyes. it feels so real reading the book.
    from a long time i wanted to communicate with u. if u read this mail,then plz reply me at
    [email protected]
    urs great great fan

  110. i love harry potter!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  111. dear j.k Rowling

    i was just wondering that in the the prisoner of askaban it say that wormtail will have to repay harry for saving his life will this fact come into play in the 7th book it really bugging me.
    please reply to amiee_8[email protected]


  112. dear harrypotter
    i wanna be like u .you are my favourite hero.when will your film harry potter 5 will come?

  113. Hi, My name is Melanie Cope and i am a HUGE fan of Daniel Radcliffe and Emma Watson, if you could send them my regards and good luck for their future careers, it will be greatly appreciated. if possible could you please email me a reply. i swear to not give out ANY addresses. Kind Regards, Melanie (13)[email protected]

  114. Dear mrs rowling i am from sweden and i am a big fan of yours.My dream is to be in a harry potter movie and i have a idea for your seventh book.
    Here it goes.A pupil from sweden comes to hogwarts.He was to good in that school so he moved to england to get to hogwarts.
    He saves the life of harry but later he go over to the dark side.The rest is up to you.
    If you want to take that idea my msn is [email protected] good bye and i am very very very very very pleased if you read this godbye from a huge fan. (Niklas Olsson)

  115. Please, I need to contact with J.K. Rowling. I’m spanish and I have 13 years old, I don’t know if you can understand me, but please if you can answer me !My sister Dafne has 15 years old and she is dying, she has a last wish: that a person say if Sirius Black is really died, becouse she loves him…Please, if anybody really know the truth and read this, say me !! Thanks…Don’t worry, I have 1 week for wait…

  116. Dear Miss Rowling, All your books are great. I really like going through it. Sory I forgot to introduce myself. I am from Bhutan. Let you know more in your reply.

    Happy Valentine Day !

    fan from BHUTAN.
    [email protected]

  117. to: J.K.Rowling

    hi i am ralitsa please can i have Daniel’s E-Mail ID please i wont tell any one mail me at [email protected] please if u like me i hope u donnot break my fellings. as i am a great fan of daniel bye mail.

  118. hi j.k rowling
    i am ur fan.i read ur all harrypotter 6 book.and i love you so much.cna u please send me a e.mail add [email protected]. and i wish u have a nice married life.u both r so cute.

  119. my dear jk rowling. u can call me as hermy. i am a lover of harry potter. i would like to know weather hermione was the lover of harry potter. pls could u give ur email id i swear not to tell anyone. u can have mine [email protected]

  120. you are awesome

  121. Hello, Iam writing to say how much we enjoy your books, and films. My husband who is disabled after heart attack and two strokes and can not use his right- hand side. housebound. My husband Iain remembers he once met you before you became famous, you both nearly bumped into eachother going out the door in Edinbrough. you both laughed and spoke for a while.Iain remembers opening the door for you also. We are pleased for you, how well you have got on. Can we please have a signed photo of you? Please send us an Email then we will send our address . xx

  122. I absolutely LOVE your books! I think you have a broad imagination and a great way of thinking. I only have one question: veritaserum is a potion that makes people tell the truth when they swallow it. Did you create this word, using the root: verit from a Latin word? The Latin word for “truth” is “verumi”– I was just wondering if that was where you got the name for the potion.
    -Emma, age 12 (age 13 in two hours!)

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  124. Dear J.K. Rowling,
    i’m a very big fan of yours.i have read all your books and i liked them favourite was the half blood prince.please mail me your e-mail id is [email protected].

  125. I was wondering what your adress was so I could send you a letter .

  126. I was wondering what your adress was so I could send you a letter .

  127. i m a great fan of yours.i read all your harrypotter novels and i love them.

    when avada kedarva curse is used person die straight away but it didn’t happened with dumbledore.
    is it possible snape used non verbal spell and then just said avada kedavra and didn’t used it.

    please reply
    [email protected]

  128. hi j.K RowlingI AM A GREAT FAN I LOVE YOUR BOOKS !!! please can you give me your adress or e-mail adress ?? I have a friend called Amber-jade mcmorrion we are so harry pottercrazy were writing our own book !!!!! i think that your imagination must be anazing to write such marvolous books please can you write to me on email we would love it !!!!!!!

    love ya liberty

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  130. i am great fan ofyour and i like the way you composts story so it would be very grateful if you let me to be in your email add tillthen bye from :[email protected] or [email protected]

  131. Hi JK
    I am a great fan of yrs. Pleasee can u give me yr id! Pleaseee!!!!! I do not swear tht I won’t tell anyone cause I can’t keep promises!!! N HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO DAN (ADVANCE)!!!!

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  132. dear JKRowling
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  134. Hi,
    Miss Rowling,
    Could you please give your email Id. I want your interview for a chidren newspaper THE TELEGRAPH IN SCHOOLS.Please send me that on [email protected].

    Abhishek Acharyya

  135. ms.
    j.k rowling do ypu know the email id of daniel radliffe.if you know please can you email it to me because i want to ask him 100 questions,just send his emai id to my email id my id is http://[email protected].

  136. I am Nita from India. I want to translate ur book in Gujarati(widely spoken Indian language). Please reply me on my id.

  137. Hi J.K

    Just thought i might tell you what i thought of your seventh book, Deathly Hallows. I must be honest, i thought it could have been better. Your last six books were fantastic, extremly well written. But the seventh was a bit of shock after reading it. I got this impression that it had been rushed. Over all it was a good book in general, but i felt as if a lot things weren’t included or things that were included, changed my thought of the book. I thought since it was the seventh book, it would go out with a bang, but it didn’t for me. An example would be the fighting at the end, at Hogwarts. I thought everyone would be involved, vampirers, werewolfs, giants, goblins, sea creatures, animals, dragons, more members of the DA (ginny), creatures in the dark forest, etc.

  138. hi’
    I am your very big fan.I’m an Indian. I love your
    books and I am a great fan of Daniel too. Please
    give me Daniel’s e-mail id .I know u have a busy
    schedule .But please take out a little time to
    reply me.My e-mail id is-
    [email protected]
    Your great fan

  139. i hope you people dont expect Mrs. Rowling to answer!

    especially to give you money. Like THATS gonna happen!

    also, she isnt going to give ANYONE her e-mail, so dont get your hopes up.

    I would be really freaked out if i was jk. its quite scary how people expect things of her.

  140. also again. people who start their name “hi jk” or something like that should realise that one of the people LEAST likely to read your message is mrs. rowling. Its frankly quite sad because your writing down everything you want to tell her on a blog. a blog!
    you should all grow up a bit. thats all im saying. the fact that everyone can see your e-mail adresses doesnt seem to bother anyone either. does noone want to keep these things private? do you HONESTLY think that j.k. rowling will choose you out of the thousands of other kids and whisk you away to the fanatsy island of your dreams?

  141. Dear J.K.Rowling,
    I am an Indian, but a great fan of yours.I have read all the Harry Potter books and I was very sad when I heard that you are ending the Harry Potter series with the 7th book. But that’s ok because I have got an excellent story to continue the Harry Potter series.I just want your permission.After fining the story I will mail it to you.I will be vary sad if you don’t reply to me. Pleeeeeease do e-mail me. My e-mail id is [email protected]. Please Please e-mail me.I will not tell your id to anyone.

  142. Hiiii Mrs.Rowling
    HOw r u ?Hope u r fine.I am a gr8 gr8 fan of urs.I dont want ur email ID.I dont even know wheather u even will read this or not but I would really like to know the answers of the questions asked above about the thestrals and peter pettergrew.This really is a gr8 confusion which is disturbing me.And i would also like to ask all the other people who have posted their comments on this site,has anyone of u ever got a reply back from Mrs. Rowling?This would confirm wheather this site is useful or not.Really!

  143. Dear J.K.rowling,
    I am an indin boy but a great fan of yours. I was sad wen iI heard that you are ending the Harry Potter series with the 7th part. But it’s ok because I have an excellent story to continue it. I just want your permission.Please e-mail me about this.PLEEEEEEASE. I will not tell anyone your id. My e-mail addressis [email protected].

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  145. dear J.K.Rowling
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  150. Dear J.K
    . i began read HP when i was 9. for short time i read all books akcept 6.7 part…and when i was in Belgrede(Serbia)i buy 7. part….it was Great…i hear you will maybe write HP part 8.will you?….it will be great…

  151. [email protected]-please answer to me pleaseee

  152. i forgot my password hahahahaha…. can you write on my sisters e-mail pleaseeeee… [email protected] and again pleaseeeee

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