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Kevlar’s Good but Dupont Sucks(tm)

Kevlar’s Good but Dupont Sucks(tm)


DPS-FTP is a multi-threaded FTP client for GNOME. It was originally called Kevlar FTP, since its interface was inspired by Bulletproof FTP, and Kevlar is bullet-proof. But DuPont actually sent me a notice telling me that I can’t use their trademarked product names in my product name. They were generous enough to allow me to say that my product contains Kevlar, however. After explaining to them that, being software, my “product” does not contain Kevlar, and that I’m not making any money from the “product”, they still would not let me use it. So, I renamed the program to DuPont Sucks FTP, or DPS-FTP.

[Thanks to T. Byfield for pointing this out on a mailing list.]

3 Responses to “Kevlar’s Good but Dupont Sucks(tm)”

  1. Yes, DuPont is very very very strict with their product names. They loooooooooove their ™’s and (r)’s.

  2. Have you heard anything from DuPont on your new “product” name?

  3. Kevlar is under DuPont’s safety platform, which I find really ironic. DuPont has a horrible safety record… Look at this website:

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