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That Damn NY Times Article

That Damn NY Times Article

Jennifer has blogged about the NY Times article about how no one cares about the Web any more. My own reaction to the article was that it’s the typical “go contrary” topic that gives journalists something to write about. Heck, I do it all the time. (Stop me before I go contrary again!)

Then I tried thinking that it’s just an artifact of mainstreaming of the Web. That we take the Web for granted actually proves how important it is. (Go contrary with a half-gainer!) E.g., when asked to point to a way in which the Web has affected real world business, I often point to email which we’ve already forgotten has transformed memos, meetings, org charts, etc.

Then I tried thinking that I have a tremendous self-interest in maintaining that the Web is a transforming technology, especially with a new book just out on the topic. So I put my fingers in my ears and cried “Nah ni nah ni nah ni” alllll the way home.

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  1. Well, I cant agree more.

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