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Welcome New Blogs Steve Yost,

Welcome New Blogs

Steve Yost, creator of QuickTopic and one of the Web’s Good Guys, has started blogging.

So has the always-inventive Stowe Boyd. The fact that he posted a glowing, thoughtful review of Small Pieces doesn’t influence my recommendation, although the fact that he’s an old pal certainly does…as is only proper.

2 Responses to “Welcome New Blogs Steve Yost,”

  1. Hey Yost….so there was a time, a segment of our lives, that you brought me into your living room with that stereo of yours…we listened to Dave Mason…you turned me on to him….so for many years this music faded and then, next door…a rather intimate venue in Chicago, Park West…Dave Mason brought tears to my eyes…along with some lovely women, Pamela…next to me…so I need a real email address to send the photos and movie shots of this show…I know you may find it so very touching.

    Kindest regards Stephen, all is well…


    PS….for the weblog….good evening to you and Steve will tell you that my patience ran dry before I birthed into this life…GBless

  2. thanks for sharing this wonderful site just found out it good for learning.

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