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“Changing Lanes” is better left unfinished

I just posted my first review at Here’s how it starts:

Changing Lanes Changing Endings

Since I am about to write about the ending of “Changing Lanes,” stop reading if you haven’t seen the movie. It’s a movie worth seeing, but you’re best off not even knowing what type of movie it is. In fact, let me do you a favor: Expect an action-packed two hours as Ben Affleck and Samuel L. Jackson square off in a drama that sprawls across New York City in one last caper that goes unexpectedly wrong. Beautiful women, wise-cracking heroes, great car chases!

That should hold you. And I’ve just done you a favor because the movie has none of that but plays best if you think it does.

So, now that it’s just us who have seen the movie, let’s talk.

Continued here.

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  1. Speaking of Ben Affleck, he was on Larry King Live last night, and he sounded like he wanted to run for political office!

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