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Denise on Creative Commons

Denise at Bag ‘n’ Baggage describes her thought process in using a Creative Commons license. It’s a helpful discussion by a bloggin’ lawyer. She also answers reader’s questions.

The Creative Commons has its own useful blog.

6 Responses to “Denise on Creative Commons”

  1. Whats all this fuss I’ve been reading about concerning the license. Is there any question that the content belongs to the web master? (I know they claim it belongs to the poster, but the web master should be able to move pages etc..)

  2. Because people are misusing the information posted in the blogs..

  3. Whether any entity in the US apart from the government can meaningfully put something in the public domain appears to have the legal answer “no”, according to one US lawyer who researched the issue. Businesses and individuals supposedly can’t disclaim copyright (the meaning of “public domain” — nobody holds copyright) even if they want to.

  4. Very nice site you have here!

  5. Its alright. One of the better blogs for sure.

  6. May peronal experiences with Creative Commons are very positive. But I will look a look at the blog.
    Karl, Paris/France

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