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The Last of Ted?

Steve MacLaughlin suggests we haven’t seen the last of Ted Turner:

So now the 64-year old Turner is stepping down from his executive role at AOL Time Warner, and many think he will fade away into the sunset. Off to work on his philanthropic endeavors or perhaps to write his memoirs. But I believe that Turner has spent too much of his life in the arena to just walk away. Having watched most of his personal fortune go down the tubes thanks to the AOL whiz kids, Turner might be game for a little revenge. I wouldn’t be surprised if Turner is the first person to pull out his pocketknife to help carve up the media giant’s fallen carcass. Play ball!

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One Response to “The Last of Ted?”

  1. Weep not for Ted Turner. He still has some vast landholdings on the Plains, which he claims to have bought solely for the purposes of raising buffalo. The fact is, most of the land sits on the prime, least-tapped area of the Ogallala Aquifer, the largest known body of fresh water in the world. Ted’s next business venture may very well be as a water baron.

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