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Connecting the Fuel Dots

Peter Kaminski notes that Bush proposes hydrogen fuel cells, that the Dept. of Energy says that natural gas is the best source of hyrdogen, and that Dick “Dick” Cheney’s old firm, Halliburton, is developing Bangladesh’s natural gasfields. And should I add that there are those who think one of the forces behind our Afghanistan policy is the desire for a pipeline for natural gas?

But you don’t actually need a conspiracy theory to explain W’s new fascination with hydrogen fuel. Since hydrogen won’t be feasible for 15-20 years, supporting hydrogen is a way of postponing ecological responsibility. Let loose the snow mobiles! Roll back the CAFE standards! Open up the wilderness for drilling! Hell, I’m an environmentalist because I support hydrogen fuel!

Which isn’t to say that the conspiracy theory isn’t true also.

(For a commentary on a similar W feint, see here.)

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