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Crud Factor

Margaret writes that her family calibrates colds and flu by a 1-10 Crud Factor. I am today at CF 7, an improvement from yesterday’s CF 8. However, enough parents have cancelled from the Understanding Disabilities program my wife is running this morning at the local elementary school that I have to fill-in, creating a CF Wind Chill factor of 11.

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2 Responses to “Crud Factor”

  1. A friend of mine does the blindness part of the Understanding Disabilities program (with her guide dog) at another school in Brookline. Just when she thought she’d heard every question about blindness a 9-year-old could ask she had this exchange:

    Kid: “Are you completely blind?”
    Friend: “Yes I am.”
    K: “You can’t see anything at all?”
    F: “No I can’t.”
    K: “So it’s dark all the time for you?”
    F: “That’s right.”
    Kid thinks about this…
    K: “How do you know when you’re awake?”

    Yow. From disabilities to metaphysics in one leap!

  2. Too funny. Thanks.

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