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New Issue of JOHO

For reasons we may never fully understand, I published a new issue of my newsletter yesterday, just days after publishing a gigormous one. Much of its contents comes from this blog, but the first article – the one where I make an idiot of myself more thoroughly than usual – is all new.

Is the Universe a computer?: I don’t understand it, but I’m pretty sure people are drawing some false analogies from it.
The "You First" digital ID pledge: Can we as customers get vendors to agree not to hurt us?
Bloogle: Google’s acquisition of puts it in a position to do Good or Evil.
Flashing and time: Who is the master of my time?
It’s a JOHO world after all: A review, etc.
Misc.: Etc.
The Anals of Marketing: Don’t be a moron when you market.
Walking the Walk: Presentation Do-Bees and Don’t-Bees
Cool Tool : Showing off your fancy graphics.
What I’m Not Playing: Syberia is a butt.
Politics: The Axis of AstroTurfing
Links: Places to go.
One email: Just one.
Bogus Contest: Taking the issue off.

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  1. Incidently (or not), today I recieved the latest issue of Netfuture with the main article titled “DOES THE FUTURE COMPUTE?”.

    Good reading.

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