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PC Forum Wiki – The Semantic Mess

I’m finding the PC Forum Wiki a good way to catch up on what’s going on at that conference.

And I was glad to read Sergey Brin of Google taking on Tim Berners-Lee‘s idea for the semantic web. It’s the battle between order and mess, and messiness not only will win, we’re better off for it. I mean, if the early browsers only read well-formed and valid HTML, the Web would be far neater, one-thousandth the size, and lifeless.

[Thanks to the people contributing to the Wiki. Here’s an enhancement request that I know is counter to the wiki culture: I personally like it when the primary author of a page notes that fact. I don’t even know who to thank for most of the work!]

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  1. Conventions like signing your work take hold if they’re modeled early. We put them in the instruction page, but they need to be modeled.

  2. The importance of being good enough, but no better

    A couple of recent articles made me realize the importance of being good enough, but no better. David Weinberger has a great note on the battle between those who want to make the underlying structure of the web more…structured, and…

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