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EULA Poll offers the results of this week’s poll.

Do you read your software licence agreements?

I never bother reading them. 45.9%
I don’t read them – they are too long. 23.9%
I don’t read them – they are too complicated. 6.8%
I occasionally read them. 20.4%
I always read them. 1.7%
I read them and abide by them fully. 1.3%

Responses 1339

Well, that can’t be scientific. I don’t believe for a second that out of 1,339 respondents, there are 18 people who actually read and stick to those stupid EULAs, much less that 0.4% bother to always read them but then don’t stick to them anyway. What’s the point of that??

One Response to “EULA Poll”

  1. I’ve gotten to the point where I don’t bother reading the EULAs. Why?

    Because I just assume that I have no rights and the vendor has all rights and I’m screwed no matter what I do so I say ‘f**k it’ and go ahead and use the software the way I want.

    This saves me an enormous amount of time over actually reading the license and has much the same effect on my behavior.

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