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The free site index I’ve been happily using for years, Atomz, tells me I’ve gone over the 500 file limit. (I seem to have something like 1,600 pages on my site. Seems wrong to me, but, well, whatever.) Being a cheap bastard — and the fact that you have to call Atomz for a quote is a little off-putting — I’m looking for a new, free index. Care to kick the tires of FreeFind?

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6 Responses to “New Site Index”

  1. The text ads are annoying, but the engine seems to work – better than Atomz on my test cases.

    Searching for “dan quayle” with FreeFind gave two precise hits; Atomz found 112 irrelevant pages with approximate matches like “Dan” && “Clay.”

    Searching “gbenett” with FreeFind found all my recent blog comments (3). Atomz missed these, matching “cabinet” instead.

    Be curious if others corroborate this delta.

  2. Just use Google with the added keyword ‘joho’ (this is how I search my own site, except there the keyword is ‘epeus’).

  3. Have you tried Google. They have a a free version which allows searches of specific domains that you can specify. Works very well, other than the delay of a few days when new pages are added to you site. (I.e., the delay until the new pages have been “crawled” by Google.)

  4. I have tried google. In fact, it’s on my search page along with Atomz. But I’ve found Atomz to be more complete and more up to date when searching just my site.

  5. I used FreeFind on TeledyN for the first 6 months and I was very happy with the service for what it did, but as someone else pointed out, you can get fresher results by just searching Google with the tag, and fresher still by searching via DayPop or Technorati.

    On the plus side, FreeFind was always thoughtful enough to tell me if I had dead links in my pages, and if my site was down, they’d send a quick alert.

    On the downside, their crawler does not understand HTTP redirects, and, especially when you have 1,600 pages, don’t forget that these crawlers consume 1,600 pages worth of your monthly bandwidth (unless they and your server understand If-Modified-Since protocols). Since I’m getting dangerously close to my webhosts daily quotas, I can’t stop many of the crawlers who hit me, but this was one I could stop — it was an awkward decision because most of the other crawlers are probably evil things like spam mail-address harvesters whereas FreeFind is a decent service by nice people. Unfortunately, their service is redundant, and so, with regret, I closed my account.

  6. David,

    Since you’re using Movable Type, have you tried its built-in search engine? For me it works marvelously and its free and unlimited.

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