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Developing Pollution

Last night, a friend who’s 35-40 years old told me that when he went to high school in Rochester, NY, the water was so polluted by Eastman Kodak that a friend’s science fair experiment consisted of developing film by using water from the local river.

Now that’s a science fair project!

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  1. I’ve heard of similar experiments. Simply scary.

    On a separate note – Blogger gathering on Friday & you are invited. “H-Town meets Beantown” at Harvard Square. You should have an Evite – hope you can make it!

  2. Kodak claims to have cleaned up something like 98% of it’s effluent (not counting the accelerating effluence of jobs). Anecdotally, I have a good friend who lived down the Genesee in Charlotte. He and his wife suffered two children’s deaths from birth defects and a miscarriage before they moved out to the ‘burbs. I can’t help thinking there’s a connection. The local Greens refer to Kodak Park as “future site of the World’s Largest SuperFund site.” I think they’re being optimistic that the SuperFund, or even the EPA, will survive the current Administration.

    Science fairs have sure changed. According to Overture’s Search Term Tool, ‘science fair project’ is good for about 15K searches in June 2003. Surprisingly, it’s a pretty cheap bid too ($0.05).

  3. During the first Bush administration, a friend of mine mentioned that his pet fish had died when he put pondwater in the aquarium. He used a piece of litmus paper to test the water and found that the pH was low from acid rain. We figured we should send the test results directly to Bush, pasting the litmus paper to the center of the page and writing:

    Dear Mr. President:

    Read My Litmus!

    [Unfortunately we never got around to it]

  4. And what was the outcome of the experiment? Sounds like a cool idea. Can I know if your friend has documented the results. I’d like to add that to my database of 500 science fair project ideas at!

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