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Help with Movable Type?

Martin Jensen is having trouble installing Movable Type because of the vagaries of his host. He’s trying to create a site that will help the “trainwreck” he sees coming to the health care industry because of HIPAA. If there are any MT experts around who’d like to give Martin a hand, you can email him here. (There are some more details in his contribution to discussion board.)

3 Responses to “Help with Movable Type?”

  1. I wrote a tutorial on installing MT, it is at
    and a lot of people have found it helpful. I hope it helps.

  2. Thanks. I may use that. I’m still hoping for an ASP solution, though. Drive Thru Blogging! I’ve bookmarked your instrux. I wonder how much work it would be to make a generic version, usable outside the pristine walls of academe…. The world is bettered by the universalization of experience.

  3. good post, i forwarded it to my friends

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