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VoIP: Threat or Danger?

The FBI apparently wants to be able to wire tap Internet phone calls by bugging ISPs. But, because phone call bits look just like every other type of bit, this would enable — or require — the FBI to tap all the Internet packets going to or from a particular tappee.

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  1. VoIP and Law Enforcement

    This morning David posted the following over at Joho the Blog: The FBI apparently wants to be able to wire tap Internet phone calls by bugging ISPs. But, because phone call bits look just like every other type of bit,…

  2. I do find that the goverment listenning in on a VoIP troubleing. But this is the main way that international calls are made now because of the price per minuit.

    I am trying to find inexpensive VoIP hardware that I can buy. At the moment all I can find is hardware like the IP-Phone I bought for Net2phone.

    The phone is setup only to use with Net2phone. If I drop the Net2phone service I must discard the phone also. If you search the internet for IP-Phones to use through the internet you will not find any retail stores selling them. As an example DLink has listed on their site 6 VoIP items. But if you go to their online store you will find only one item for sale. The IP-Phone DPH-100 is only sold overseas and cannot be bought through DLinks Online store or any online US retail stores.

    I do not know what is intailed in setting up a IP-Phone or some other VoIP hardware to connect to Net2Phone VoIP service but I beleive given the information it can be done.

    What is troubling is the possible reasons for not being able to purchase VoIP hardware to connect to VoIP services on the internet. Is it the goverment. Is it the big phone companies backing legislation that is preventing the general public being able to purchase this equipment because of the loss of business they would encure if became populare.

    If I anyone has knowledge on why the VoIP hardware is not being sold in the US. Please send me a responce to my email address (

    David T Roth

  3. I am interested in your responses to the net2phone voip question you posted on 8/12. I am currently looking into the same problems, and making lists of the ports and gateways that the IP phones use. There are solutions for sale in the US, though I think the lack of interest is more a market issue than anything else.

  4. Get the GrandStream Phone or Adapter

  5. Bittorrent News

    bittorrent site gets raided by FBI and ICE!

  6. I searched for \’International Phone Call On The Internet\’ at google and found this your post (\’VoIP: Threat or Danger?\’) in search results. Not very relevant result, but still interesting to read.

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