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Fighting the RIAA

The EFF has posted the legal filing of a Jane Doe who is fighting an RIAA subpoena that claims she has unlawfully shared copyrighted materials. Jane maintains that she told Kazaa not to share any of her files. The legal brief (or whatever it’s called) is quite interesting, but only starting on page 9 once you get past the legal language. (And, yes, I am aware that I’ve likely misused every legal term in this paragraph.)

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6 Responses to “Fighting the RIAA”

  1. RIAA denounced again… this time it’s the blackout:


  2. And yet again….


  3. Lets all settle this RIAA thing once and for all!
    From now until December 1, 2003, or until the RIAA backs off, do not purchase any music CDs at all! Send a financial message that the RIAA will be unable to ignore. This is so easy, everyone can do it. Simply put off buying that CD you want until after December 1.
    Worried about how this might effect your favorite recording artist? Don’t be. They will recover.

    So spread the word! No CD purchases until after December 1, 2003 or until the RIAA backs off.

  4. ye

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  6. Worried about how this might effect your favorite recording artist? Don’t be. They will recover.

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