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“May I use my personal aircraft carrier…”

From Lloyd Grove in The Daily News :

The Bush-Cheney ’04 campaign has just issued a helpful “Frequently Asked Questions” memo to its New York fund-raisers:

Question: “Can I use my personal aircraft for campaign business?”

Answer: “No, you may not use your personal aircraft for campaign business. Corporate aircraft may be used, but only if each person boarding the plane pays the equivalent of a first-class airplane ticket.”

Q: “Can I have a fund-raising cocktail party for my friends at a private club or hotel and pay for the party?”

A: “No. You may have them come to your house and treat them up to $1,000 in expenses per adult in the household without it counting against your $2,000 contribution limit.”

Q: “Can I use my executive assistant to help with my fund-raising activities?”

A: “Any person can volunteer to help. Employees may volunteer a maximum of 1 (one) hour per week during working hours and an unlimited amount outside of the office.”/

Thanks for the link goes to the Dean Blog where it looks like they’re going to come awfully close to raising $15 million dollars this quarter, from about 175,000 contributors, hardly any of whom own their own aircraft.

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  2. This quite a big rising. Good for them.

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