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Duelling showers

We’re visiting my sister for Thanksgiving, staying in the traditional cheapo motel. This morning the shower started off strong: excellent volume and steaming hot. Suddenly, it went cold. I turned up the heat. After a few seconds, it was too hot. I turned it down. Suddenly it went cold. I turned it up. This repeated until I finally gave up.

As I got out, I realized that there was probably another patron in a neighboring shower who was working the dials in contradiction to me, establishing a rhythmic dance of temperatures.

And isn’t that like so much of life?


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10 Responses to “Duelling showers”

  1. I am in a conversation RIGHT now that is exactly that. Sometimes I am warm and she is hot. Other tmes she is fire and I am ice.


  2. Yea go figure . . .

    Interesting you pulling an analogy of life from a motel shower . . . but damn, it worked!

  3. Thanks for giving me a good laugh and a great metaphor

  4. Does a butterfly beating its wings in China cause a hurricane in Miami?

  5. I’ll bet the correct answer to this koan has something to do with getting up earlier in the morning.

  6. The apartment I live in has two showers, one for each set of roommates. We have one water heater serving both showers but the water heater is closer to my other roommates shower.

    This can make for some very, ahem, cold mornings since you can’t hear the other shower running. Yea, it is not fun. Not fun at all.

  7. Every time I go through this I think of what a nice idea a “shower buffer” would be. This thing would hook up to the hot and cold water and on it you would set the precise temperature of the water. Then it will mix the hot and cold water together in its buffer space to get the exact temperature and relase the water into the shower. As long as you dont have a “buffer underrun” you’d then be treated to precisely temperature controlled water. I wonder if this idea could make me rich. Ahhh I dont care — money sucks anyways.

  8. Running hot and cold

    David tries to take a shower in the motel where he’s staying while visiting his sister, only the water keeps going from too cold to too hot to too cold…

  9. The hotel management realized it was you on the shower, and decided to give you a real world example of a win-lose game based on Nash?s ideas.
    Man, you are known and admired all over the world!

  10. ha thats great, been there done that!! On a road trip to Arizona from Michigan, so you better believe there were some cheapo motels and a couple Motel Hells as well!!! Cold hot shower…..inevitable

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