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Yule Adornoments

Yule Heibel is beginning an occasional series of blog entries about Adorno, in part because she thinks Heidegger has been getting too much air time. She promises to tell us what Adorno thought was wrong with the Ol’ Nazi.

I used to know enough about Adorno to weasel out of any actual conversations about him. Now I remember nothing at all about him. In fact, I think I’m into negative numbers. So, I look forward to Yule’s writing about this philosopher she cares about.

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3 Responses to “Yule Adornoments”

  1. David:

    You postmodern cutup you. Yule’s a woman.


  2. Hey, thanks for the link, David! It’s going to be a kind of reconstruction for myself, too, speaking of negative memory numbers. And thank you sehr herzlich, Dan, for noticing that I am (gosh!) a girl. Sigh. ;-)

  3. Yikes. Sorry, Yule.

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