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Talk about eerie. Elena rides her motorcycle through Chernobyl, equipped with a camera and dosemeter. (Thanks to Joi, with whom I got to hang out with last night, for the link)

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  1. Chernobyl Ride

    This is fascinating.

  2. Wormwood

    I found Elena’s story of riding her motorcycle through the Chernobyl exclusion zone, the area surrounding the nuclear plant that has been largely evacuated and abandoned, absolutely spellbinding.

  3. It’s an amazing story …. But even more amazing is that this girl, Elena looks exactly the same as myself (and I ride a Ninja, too) … Could she be my twin somehow ??? That almost freaked me out as much as the Chernobyl story.

  4. Coincidentally, I came across that same site via another source earlier today. The final set of slides (the kindergarten pics) brought a tear to my eyes. I remember Chernobyl clearly, and watching the radiation cloud approaching the west coast of North America. How much worse for those that were at ground zero!

  5. More Pictures of Chernobyl

    I have developed a lasting interest in the Chernobyl disaster since discovering Elena’s photojournal. I discovered some photos taken in 1995 by GreenPeace. You should check them out and you will see that there was still some activity within the

  6. It isn’t until now that I fully realize the gravity and magnitude of the Chernobyl disaster. Elana, salute !

  7. Chernobyl – digging deeper

    Elena’s motorcycle tour through the region around Chernobyl has revived interest in one of the most serious nuclear disasters in history. We all know what happened, but even to this day, there are many different versions and opinions on how

  8. Hi, I am from Lithuania, and today I found that site about Elenas trip to ghost town, I liked her story very much, but she didnt wrote her e-mail :( maybe someone of you found her e-mail, would be very interesting to talk with Elena about her story…

  9. I am Elena’s friend who helped her write the site in more readable english. She has decided to abandon it because some people who were managing it for her temporarily attempted to solicit donations without her knowledge or approval. She is adamant about not using this site to make money, and was outraged.

    Another reason is because some people tried to invade her privacy in a very contemptible way. I am trying to persuade to allow me to manage it for her and I am curious to know if there are any web site savvy people here who might want to advise me about some things.

    If so, please email me at [email protected], because I will not check this board again.



  10. Unfortunately, this entire website is a fiction. Elena did not ride her motorcycle in the zone (that is banned by law) and she did not go there alone. No one is allowed to travel around alone there.

    She took a standard Chernobyl tour that anyone can take, together with her husband and a third person. They travelled in a car from Kiev.

    The photographs are haunting as it is. I can’t imagine why she felt she needed to invent this me-alone-on-my-motorcycle story.

    After getting into a bit of trouble for her biker fiction with the administration of the Chernobyl zone, Elena changed her story and now only suggests (rather than baldly states) that she travels in the zone itself on her motorcycle.

    The mirrored site contains her original story.


  12. I’m from Poland and i saw this site today. I think that Elena couldn’t ride there alone but it’s not important for me. I just want to see Ghost Town and I want to know what should I do before going there…. if someone can help me please write at my mail adress: [email protected]

  13. I thought Elena’s story was great. Her knowledge of radiation and her adventurous spirit makes for an excelent read. I also have a daughter who rides motorcycles in strange places. So my heart was with her the whole trip. Great Pictures

    This is a site in Russian by an Israeli journalist who visited Chernobyl as well as Prypyat and outlining areas. She interviewed local authorities and it very clear from her site that people CAN indeed and DO regularly sneak into the zone. Some are thrill seakers comming for the suveneers. Some are mauroders, looking to get parts from contaminated cars :-( others are criminals hiding out form the law (that is why there are armed police in the zone. Even if you cannot read the site and thought it takes awhile to sift throught the blog (she posted the story inbits and pieces all over the place) you can still see the pictures. She actually stayed for DAYS in the zone, in a hotel there.I do not know if Elena Rode her bike to the zone, she may have. I am sure that tour companies that offer trips to the zone at $250 per person want people to go there on their own. to visit officially you do need a permission. Here is where one site listed people can get official permisison:

  15. ART GSX is such a coward that he or she does not leave a contact address. Only gives blind statements of devotion to the story of Elena and her Chernobyl trip without proof. You make yourself a fool. Be a man or woman and come forward with a contact address? The full truth is known by several people. They know that Dizzy is not such a lier. We who know do not make such a loud noise.

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