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Bricklin takes license…

Dan Bricklin is thinking about how small software development houses can license their products in ways that provide the benefits of open source but that also build in reasonable compensation for the original creator. Dan is looking for feedback from software developers and others, so take a look and let him know what you think.

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4 Responses to “Bricklin takes license…”

  1. He has some good points but there doesn’t seem to be any way to reply or contact him. If anyone knows how, ask him if he has the bandwidth for slash dot or if he can get a temporary mirror, if they take the story he will get a few good ideas, with a lot of bad one, but his questions may be answered. Another idea is if the whole page could be in the slash dot story, no one can copy or mirror because of his copy write.

  2. I forwarded your comment to him, Paul.

  3. I tried to put in a contact email (at the end it says “Send comments to “license” at in a way that might keep out a bit of spam (I get several hundred a day…). I guess I wasn’t clear enough. That’s what usability testing is about. In any case, it’s just a plain static page, and I think that shared server has tolerated SlashDot in the past, so any link to it might be OK. I’ve gotten a few interesting comments so far.

  4. Thanks David,

    I really did miss your address and I don’t know how, I do the same thing when I cannot use a java script. I will submit a story with your link. There are some really insightful members that may be able help.

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