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Making the new reality

From Chris Nelson’s blog:

The following is what one of the Bush administration’s representatives told journalist Ron Suskind, regarding their philosophy behind the administration’s actions and their relationship with journalists.

I’m quoting from an Air America Radio interview with Suskind:

Suskind: He says, you know, “You, Suskind, you’re in what we call the ‘reality-based community'” — that’s actually the term he used.

I said, “The WHAT?”

He says, “The ‘reality-based community’.”. He said, “you all believe” — now let me see if I can get this right — “You all believe that answers to solutions will emerge from your judicious study of discernible reality.”

I said, “Yeah… YEAH, OF COURSE…”

He says, “Well, let me tell you how we really see it. You see, we’re an empire now. And when we act, we kinda create a reality. Events flow from our actions. And because of that, what we do is… essentially… we act, and every time we act we create a whole new set of laws of physics, which you then judiciously study for your solutions, and while you’re doing that we’ll act again, promulgate a whole other set.”

Janine Garofolo: “So you throw a rock in the pond, and the ripples go out…”

Suskind: And this guy said, “and that’s where we’ll stand ultimately; you’ll study us, and we’ll act. We’ll be the actors, and you will study what we do. And if you’re really good — on good behavior — maybe thirty years from now one of us will visit that graduate seminar you’ll be teaching at Dartmouth in your tweed blazer.” That’s the thinking.

Cynical, yet dead-on accurate. It’s not just history that’s written by the victors. Now it’s also journalism, politics, and talk radio.

It’s scary that the Bushies recognize this. It is the nuclear bomb of politics. And it’s what terrorists have always known: 19 guys can create a new normal in a single morning.

[Thanks to Joe Copperas for the pointer.]

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  1. Our thoughts do indeed create our reality. So therefore I think therefore I AM. So if I think there is heaven on earth surely that will become my reality. I choose my own reality. Boy that would indeed be powerful wouldn’t it. So today on the Feast of ALL SAINTS – NAMASTE to all of you, xxx

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