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Glenn Fleischman writes:

The CUWiN [Champaign-Urbana Community Wireless Network ] project wants to allow self-forming, noncentralized, mesh-based Wi-Fi networks using standard, old PCs with no configuration. Slightly more advanced units could be ruggedized boxes using Compact Flash, but the basic unit would be a 486 or later PC with a bootable CD-ROM or bootable floppy that bootstraps a CD-ROM. Once booted, a unit finds other similar units without any other configuration or control and forms a mesh.

Clay comments over at Corante Many2Many:

As with straight Wifi, the obvious uses of a simple meshing tool are to replace wireline networks where they would be too expensive, but the second-order benefits that will come out will all be novel and often social uses for temporary creation of self-configuring high-bandwidth LANs — internet cafes without the cafe, temporary autonomous file trading zones, video re-mix culture throwdowns in real time.

The old paradigm of top-down network provisioning is so fragile that just one garage-based genius – surrounded by an open source community – could implode it. Exciting.

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  1. My name is misspelled. I only point this out because my name is always misspelled. I don’t misspell Shirky. I don’t misspell Weinblogger. Please!

  2. Glenn, the embarrassing thing is that I actually checked before I wrote it…but I only checked if it was two Ns or one.


  3. S’okay. I don’t mean to be thinkskinned. It’s just surprising to me. I just posted what I would call a Google correction cross-reference: all of the misspellings of my name. I figure if someone gets the spelling wrong on Google, this page will come up tops and then they can redirect.

  4. There are a variety of alternative expected spellings of both your first and your last name. Plus, the multiple consonants make it hard to “gestalt” a spelling error in the “shm” sequence. I suspect that’s why I don’t get many “wineburger”s and but do get a fair number of “weinburger”s and “weinberg”s.

  5. bootable floppy bootstraps? what the frik, man? I don’t efen own a cellularphoneyet. got me dylan tix, b-a-b-y! yea…

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