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Sopranos finale spoiler

Over at I’ve just posted my guess about how the season ends. (Don’t worry, not only am I just making stuff up, but I’m pretty much batting 0 with my previous predictions.) Hint: I hope you’re not too emotionally attached to the bear.

I think it’s been a good season. I love the ambiguity of Steve Buscemi’s character. The episode featuring Meadow’s boyfriend was difficult to watch, in the best sense, as was Adriana’s big episode. My biggest disappointment, though, has been that I don’t believe how the relationship with Carmella has developed; it feels like it’s being pushed in that direction not by the characters but by the writers. (I’m trying not to give anything away for those who haven’t caught up with their TiVo yet.) For me, The Sopranos remains the best acted and funniest show on TV, maybe ever.

I have a question that does require giving away an event in the penultimate episode. Here goes: [SPOILER ALERT]

When Tony says that his “activities” in the future will not affect their marriage, we viewers hear “In the future, I’ll wipe the lipstick off my collar.” What are we supposed to think Carmella hears?

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  1. Carmella hears, “In the future I’ll wipe the lipstick off my collar; and, out of my own need and hunger for love and approval I’ll front you the money for your dad’s spec house which will be an investment in your own name so if we’re ever on the outs again you’ll have some financial leverage of your own…”

  2. Carmella did not want to get phone calls from the chippees (Remember? They used to be called something like that), or to have their existence flung in her face. She is smart enough to know that Tony is not going to change his ways. She’s really asking him to show some discretion, and maybe pay her a little more attention.

    I think we see that Carmella, who is the alter ego to Tony, and who surely and sometimes innately knows how to use her own muscle and influence when need be, is no dummy. She is using Tony as much as she is getting some normalcy back in her life.

    The Real Estate project, funded by Tony, yes, but represents an act of independence. She is now not just the stay-at-home mob wife; she has projects, she can create income, she’s “an earner.”

    This gives her clout, status, and elevates her in the relationship. They are, now more than ever, Mr. and Mrs. Boss.

    I am looking forward to seeing how “The Sack Wars” play out. In all other mob films or tv shows (with which I am famliar) since The Godfather, there has not been a depiction of a war among the families. We may see this in the next season. This year it was about families and relationships, change, and the dynamics of family loyalty. Next season it seems it will be about power, muscle, and the ways of planning and execution (pun intended) among mobsters in the modern day.

    Agreed, btw, The Sopranos is the best one can find on the small screen.

  3. Christopher is a goner

  4. Something tells me that poor, loveable, gullible, stupid Andriana isn’t dead. I have a feeling the FBI stepped in when she called them and told them it would be a few hours before her and Christopher could turn themselves in. I think the FBI stepped in at that point and put a bullet proof vest on her in case something went wrong. I say she’s alive and could even turn up at Christoper’s door. Who knows..maybe even freak at this point and try to kill him in a fit of rage. Could be you know.

  5. i think adriana is dead for good cause if she is playing on the new sitcom joey with matt leblanc, obviously shes not going to be able to shoot the next season of the sopranos and joey

  6. Johnnie Sacks is gone…Trust me…Inside scoop!!!

  7. sopranos finale didn’t dissapoint me one bit.

  8. I was dissappionted. The second to last episode was better that last night. I liked the way they ended it, it was the closet thing to Tony ever getting caught. I liked what happended with his cousin and the brooklyn boys (not giving anything away for those who missed it). what bothered me was it was really anti-climactic as far as the sopranos go. they have had much better season enders. OH! Adrianna’s DEAD, the mob doesn’t shoot in the bullet proof vest areas. That would be lame.

    And I did think the bear would make an appearance.

    Carmela is definatly putting herself on a power playing position if Tony ever f*cks up again. And tony has done so much wrong he can’t even say no. I think the burned girl may show up as a hiccup after tony’s been good awhile, just as some added drama. And No tony’s not being good he’s just being discreet.

    Now tony has to work on getting his boys back in line, the respect has really gone out the window, he better hope they don’t fully turn on him – which has been building for a few seasons.

  9. how the HELL did tony walk all the way from johnny sack’s house in NY to his own in north jersey?!?!?!? can someone please explain.

  10. Johnny Sack moved to north Jersey in an earlier episode. His territory was still NYC though

  11. Oh and the idea of Adriana wearing a bullet proof vest is laughable. I don’t remember exactly what she was wearing in episode, but it is nearly always something relatively skimy. At least nothing loose enought to pull off wearing a vest. And it seems to be the resounding practice of the guys in that thing to bury or sink in the ocean

  12. NMot bad overall, but there were so many lame points this season…

    Adriana: Dead, and about time. Christopher should have taken care of that himself.

    Carmella: I was very uncomfortable with her as a independent entity. I wouldn’t want to be whashisname’s life insurance carrier.

    Cousin Tony: I didn’t like the way that turned out. I expected more from Tony S. and the rest of the Family. sack’s boys should have been put DOWN.

    T: Needs to take care of some business. he is in aposition with the latest news, to put the S family up near the top of the pile.

  13. The season was good but slow, I thought for sure there was going to be more death and wars the way it was leading up. All and all though it was a good season. I loved the way Tony came around the corner with a shot gun taking out Buschemi, that was the best part of the whole season I think, just the way it looked and how they captured it on camera.
    Thank god for Adriana being dead, as sad as it is for Chris, thats the way its got to be.
    I was hoping for some blood-shed between the two familys, but I’m not complaining, with NY boys in jail that should leave plenty of room for NJ to step up the latter.
    Carmella back with Tony, I like the idea and I do think Tony can be loyal, and I think he will be loyal.
    As for next season here is my predictions…
    I think Silv and Pauly are going to take out Tony, and Christopher is going to take out Silv and Pauly and become boss of the family.
    I dont know thats just my guess.
    Whats yours?

  14. I think Carmela will find out that Tony is cheating on her again and she will be the one that will kill Tony for the shows finale

  15. How is it that Tony finds out about Benny’s Amex scam and doesn’t demand that he kick up let alone meting out a little discipline?

  16. AKA adrian, was on a talk show , and she said her character was definely killed off..

  17. Who would stay home if they made a Soprano movie? The answer is, of course, no one. Hence, we will see wacking of main characters kept to a miniumum. It’s hard to imagine them not wanting to make at least one picture. And if they did, who would we pick to be missing from the cast?
    Hey! How about “SOPRANOS” “THE MUSICAL”? Then everybody can die. Hah!
    Alternate endings are Tony dies, everybody goes on with their lives.
    Tony lives and everybody else dies.
    Tony does witness protection-lives in shame.
    Tony is alone and on the run.
    Tony is still in the hospital and it’s all a dream.
    Tony is………..?
    Adriana could still come back, maybe.

  18. I think Tony Soprano is going to be killed by the NY crew and as a result Carmela is going to committ “suicide”…I remember one scene showing her reading a Sylvia Plath novel.

  19. So the end is like this.
    AJ gets nailed.
    Now it’s personal.
    There’s all out mob killing on both sides.
    With Meadow in LA, they’ve got nothing to hold them to NJ.
    Tony fakes his death–in some kind of mob warfare.
    Tony and Carm go to Paris and find a place to lay low.


  20. i think that they will leave the season finale open so that it can be picked up again!

  21. Anyone know when the Bonus Episodes begin?

  22. I heard April 2007 HBO

  23. I am so confused! I dont understand anything about the “bonus” episodes. I mean, did I miss them? The new season starts here soon…so Im racking my brain trying to think what I heard….does anyone know if they were already on? If not, when???

  24. I am just wondering what happened to the Russian that supposedly got killed in the forest. will he come back? i don’t remember hearing about him or his comrade ever again after that episode.


  25. tony is gona get killed. maybey the ‘vipers’ will come back and get him…lol

  26. I am really confused. Does that mean sopranos finished after season 6 or will there be a season 7. It would be a shame for sopranos to finish now.

  27. Easy your want to know the ending. Tony will get 20 years for asbestos dumping. This is just like how the feds got Al Capone and Gotti. Not for killing and mafia deals. For a simple crime like illegal dumping. Go figure

  28. I definitely agree with Aaron. The Russian will return and that will be be the end of Paulie.

  29. Tony will ice himself for the finale!! AJ will shape up. Patsy Parisi is part of NY don’t forget Tony took out his twin. Paulie is also part of NY. There will be a Soprano spinoff with the remaining wiseguys. Uncle Jun’s part has wound down we won’t see him in the last episode.Carmela sucks so it doesn’t matter what happens to her. Silvio Lives so does Phil Leotardo for the spinoff.

  30. Tony will ice himself for the finale!! AJ will shape up. Patsy Parisi is part of NY don’t forget Tony took out his twin. Paulie is also part of NY. There will be a Soprano spinoff with the remaining wiseguys. Uncle Jun’s part has wound down we won’t see him in the last episode.Carmela sucks so it doesn’t matter what happens to her. Silvio Lives so does Phil Leotardo for the spinoff.

  31. I think that Paullie Walnuts is going to turn and kill Tony Soprano. Think about it. Tony was going to kill him but didn’t. No one from the family showed up at Paullie’s mother’s funeral. Paullie got pissed when he found that there was a hit placed on the guys from NewYork. He said he wanted to make sure it came from Tony and almost went head to head against the recemtly deceased Bobby Baccalla. Paullie is also one of the few people who know where Tony is in this upcoming Series Finale. Also Tony would never EVER think Paullie would kill him especially now that he is reminiscing and greiving over Bobby’s death. It all fits in…it’s just up to us to watch and see. Personally I can’t wait.

  32. Anyone else notice the change of scenery when Tony, Bobby and Sil first started talking about the hit. They were in the back room at the bing, then it switched to a restaurant. At the end of the restaurant scene, Tony and Sil start shadowboxing. I think that this is all a dream. Whose?… no idea.

  33. This is it for Sopranos – one more new episode…

    It’s been a fun ride!

  34. Anyone who thinks that David Chase will make a movie or spinoff of The Sopranos may be slightly retarded. Why in the world would they make a 1 1/2 to 2 hour long movie when they have had 87 hours to show what they want, including nudity, violence, etc. on a cable network? Usually, when you take a T.V. show to a movie, these things couldn’t be shown on the networks, so they go to the bigscreen, because it adds a missing element. There is nothing missing from The Sopranos, so seriously, wake up. Tony and family move into withness protection, all live, etc, show is over, move on, its been great, but time to wait 6 days to see the end.

  35. The Feds knowing how important the NJ ports are to national security know where where Phil is hiding. The feds understand someone like Phil or whomever takes over NJ will never assist the govt so they tip Tony to Phil’s whereabouts. The better of two evils so to speak.

  36. I think that the last episode is going to be that Tony was passed out in a ditch and he dreamed all this stuff. He is going to bail to the feds and take Carm and AJ and split…

  37. Pretty creative guys, Man I’m gonna miss this show. What about Phill killing Tony, and AJ finaly growing a set, Kills Phill for his father and demands the respect from the crews. Just a guess.. Guys injoy…

  38. Well, It’s been a great ride. But, it’s time for Tony to pay the piper. I really think that he and Paulie will get the drop on Phil Leotardo and just when you think it’s all going to end in Tony’s favor, Paulie caps his own Boss putting, guess who, in charge of it all! That’s right, ole Paulie Walnuts who escaped death himself a few episodes ago on the “fishing trip” with Tony will seize the opportunity to take control once and for all. Of course, that’s just my opinion.

  39. I dunno, Paulie is too faithful to his crew to kill Tony. I was hoping that somehow A.J. gets it for being such a puss but whatever. That would lead to a huge clash and Tony would take the family out of the U.S. for protection leaving room for a spinoff and guest appearances. However I did hear the creator say he was tired of the gangster drama. HBO can find a fresh talent again no doubt.

  40. tony will wind up going to jail beacuse paulie turns out to be an informant for the FBI.. aj winds up dying in some way..

  41. i think tony will hit phil and butch,
    some minor cronies might get hit and maybe paulie.
    then after the dust settles tony’ll step down at carmella’s and maybe melfi’s advice and name silvio his successor.
    we’ve seen that paulie can’t keep his mouth shut.

  42. i think tony will hit phil and butch,
    some minor cronies might get hit and maybe paulie.
    then after the dust settles tony’ll step down at carmella’s and maybe melfi’s advice and name silvio his successor.
    we’ve seen that paulie can’t keep his mouth shut, so he won’t be the new boss.

  43. One hour 13 minutes to go and I still can’t believe it’s about to end. Tony and Paulie kill Phil, AJ kills his father, and Sil lives to be Paulie’s (the new boss) 2nd in command to make way for a sequel.

  44. One hour 13 minutes to go and I still can’t believe it’s about to end. Tony and Paulie kill Phil, AJ kills his father, and Sil lives to be Paulie’s (the new boss) 2nd in command to make way for a sequel.

  45. I think Tony is in charge of everything that has happened so far. I think he’s going to pull a Michael Corleone and as the end comes, will get even with all of his enemies. I believe he is working hand and hand with the Feds (they’ve shown him with that fed several times lately). I think when everyone is gone from both families, Tony will get a new identity with his own family and move somewhere else and have a normal life.
    Just my opinion.

  46. It does not show what happens people. Tony does not die neither does AJ, Carmela or Meadow. Although Phil does. The final episode was finished with a abrupt blackout then credits. Insinuating possibly a movie to be made..

  47. what happened here? another season?

  48. What the fuck was that?

  49. ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!!!!!!

  50. David chase is a creative genius.

  51. What a major dis-appointment. There was only ONE worthwhile scene in the whole episode, which was Phil getting pinched. The ending really sucked just a BLACK screen out of nowhere. It appears they are leaving something for a futre movie but if it’s as lame as this, it will bomb miserably.
    Fortunately, there are movie critics that will let you know beforehand so you’re not wasting $10 on another lame production.
    BIG dis-appointment as far as I’m concerned…

  52. dont you all feel stupid tony didnt die or go to jail

  53. What a ripoff. I just watched the season finale. All this hype and … nothing! Absolutely nothing! I can’t believe it. I am so pissed. I urge everyone to complain on the HBO website. Good luck getting thru though. I suspect many people already are.


  54. O.k. I am left wanting more…. What the hell happened, can some one please tell me…. Just a tad confused…The finale ends with Meadow running into the restaurant and then it goes blank…What the hell… Do u think it leaves an opening for a motion pic?

  55. The final episode really sucked. I could have written a better ending. After seven years of good writing we are left with this? This is crap! I’m glad it’s over because the writers have completey gone mad. Did they really think this was how it should end? What a rip off.

  56. Don’t you guys get it? Remember in the 2nd to last episodes final minutes when Tony flashes back to Hanging out with Bobby on the boat? The only thing Bobby says in the flashback is about how you don’t hear or see it when it’s coming… everything just goes black… Tony died. The man went into the bathroom, then came out and shot him… It took me a few minutes to figure that one out, but think about it… It makes perfect sense. David Chase is a genius. Screw all our expectations, screw showing us the bloody payoff, screw giving people that one last image of Tony ‘getting what’s coming to him,’ I loved it. Tony dies and everything just goes black. That’s why the black screen was up for like ten seconds…. To ram that point home. I loved it. Especially Tony in the backyard… still waiting for the ducks to return. God, the balls it must take to even attempt something that vague… Really, think about it… it makes perfect sense.

  57. I could be wrong but I’m pretty sure this is the way it went down……

    In the boat in the first episode they were talking about dying, and Bobby said something like, “I bet you don’t even hear the shot”. In the episode prior to the finale, Tony actually has a little flashback of when Bobby said it.

    The show gave us the experience of life just going along, and then all of a sudden ending. I’d say he got shot in the head and died instantly–since the show was really about Tony, it ended at the moment he did. it explains the sudden turn off into black screen.

  58. You are all fucking lame. Get over it…. and of course get ready to fork over $10.00 when the movie hits next year.

  59. I was greatly anticipating the finale for the past week. I had bothered my husband so much that he was threatening to turn off the power when the end came on just to annoy me. (He became disillusioned and stopped watching the show; after the long wait for this last season.)
    When the black-out came, I immediately thought he sabatoged the tv just to annoy me. I was even more disappointed to find that it was done by the writer on purpose.
    I wondered if the darkness was meant to put the viewer in the place of Tony. The darkness was actually us experiencing his death, “lights out” to say literally. In a previous episode, Tony and Bobby were in a boat at the cottage, speaking about what it would be like to get shot. They concluded, it would happen so fast you would not know it (or something to that nature).
    Then, in the second to the last show, they flashed back to the scene in the boat again when Tony was hiding in the safehouse.
    I wondered if the writer was trying to show how quick death could come and possibly did come to Tony. If the writer put us in Tony’s perspective for that final moment, we would not get to see anything else because it’s over we/Tony are dead.
    I wondered if the ending meant Tony got hit, died, and that was why the tv screen went black and silent so abruptly, and just like the conversation with Bobby said, you won’t know what hit you.
    I have to admit I would have liked to have been able to go through it visually and watched the family grieve, Tony injured, the funeral, (so I could have gotten some closure, ha) and perhaps how everyone coped. I guess maybe the writer want to leave it open ended so there could be another season.
    The ending in general sucked for me!

  60. no movie,
    no more seasons,
    it ended just like it began,
    leaving us wanting more.
    At least it was a good ending for any Tony S fans.

  61. I thought it was great ending, so many possibilities could have happened when the screen went blank. Each fan could sort decided what they wanted their ending to be. And it does leave it open for a Movie! Great Job David!

  62. As an avid viewer AND avid fan who has always felt a special connection to this show (the family boat was rented at our S.I. marina by “some” production crew to, we only much later found out, take Big Pussy for a “ride”), I am both confused and angered by what we were left with. I have NEVER pegged in all 6 seasons what was about to happen, I was always wrong. THIS time, my worst fear, that we would be left with some thin and nebulous open-door ending that leaves us unsated and unsatisfied like a bad skimpy main course after a series of great appetizers, was RIGHT. This is a show that, despite our DVR’s and Tivo’s, revived stay-at-home event-TV. I cannot believe that of all the seven or so endings shot to keep the world guessing, THIS was the choice. I feel cheated and feel the black screen we all reacted in horror to thinking our cable went out could just as well have been replaced with a big “finger” to us all. We have been left with endings like this in the past where, it seems, effort was made to NOT give us what we want. And always, like good children, we accepted these esthetic and artistic choices because we knew there would be “more” to come. Well now there is no more to come. Is it just that the show was SO DAMN good that NO ending would have lived up to all our expectations? Is it that these characters for all their faults have become SO much a part of our lives that we foolishly feel we “deserve” some control as to their fate?? Or, if this was their choice, do we give it to them as a “thank you” for all the years of engrossing drama they’ve given us? That would be the kind thing to do. But I don’t feel like being kind. I feel like telling them that of all the doors they could have picked, they picked the one with the boobie prize behind it. I feel like “whacking” someone. I feel like it WOULD have been better if the cable went out and, for some reason, I never knew what happened.
    Unlike us, many will discover this groundbreaking series for the first time in re-runs or on DVD. My advice to them? Just order appetizers.

  63. This episode was brilliant. thank god the writers stayed true to their original vision throughout. A great show with deeper elements than just an episodic goodfellas. Not that goodfellas isn’t brilliant in its own rite, but that’s not what this is and it isn’t ever what it was–this is The Sopranos– It’s about the family at the heart of things– and that’s how it ended: With the family- together- and, as A.J. said, (paraphrase) ‘to focus on the good things’. And that’s what we should do as an audience. The guy in the bathroom was just a symbol- to me- that no matter how ‘at peace’ they may be, Tony will always be looking over his shoulder- and his family, too, as a result of their association. ‘Don’t Stop Believin” by Journey- what a great song…It pretty much says it all– both internally for the characters and externally for us as an audience. It really couldn’t have ended any better.

  64. What happened ? – my screen went blank, I guess there was a problem with my cable. I got mad & turned it right off!! can someone please tell me what the f— happened ??

  65. Here’s the thing. See, at first, I was as dissapointed as you all. Then I got to thinking about it. The show ended the only way it possibly could. With the viewer drawing his or her own conclusions. Chase brilliantly gave us a perfect set-up in the final scene. Think about it. Three people enter the diner before Meadow shows up. FBI? New York crew? Back and forth cut scenes to Meadow, then to Tony, etc. Journey’s “Don’t Stop Believin” playing in the background. Prime suspect gets up from the counter and enters bathroom. Just then Meadow walks in. Cut to Tony’s face and BAM!; the Soprano’s is over.
    So, here’s how I filled in the blanks.
    Before the kids got to the diner, Tony told Carmella that Carlo was going to testify. From Tony’s conversation with his lawyer, you know there’s an 80-90% chance of conviction. From here it can go either way; First, if the 3 suspicious people were FBI, then they were either waiting for the whole family to be there before they took Tony down, or, get this, Tony ASKED the FBI to meet him there in front of the family ( which would explain why they would be eating at a hole-in-the-wall diner as opposed to Vesuvio). Secondly, and the ending I prefer, said suspicious suspect that enters the restroom is a New York hitter sent by little Carmine. What’s the first thing Meadow would do when she see’s the family? If you look at the seating arrangement they had, it’s reasonable to assume she would go directly to Tony and embrace him. And if you noticed the positioning of the restroom door to Tony’s seat, you would notice that upon exiting the bathroom with guns blazing, Meadow would catch the first bullet, assuming Tony is the prime target. A bit “Godfather III-ish” I know, but if you rewatch it, and add up all the clues, this ending seems the most plausible. To me anyway.
    So, like I said, at first I was entirely dissappointed. But life is messy, therefore, we don’t get a neat and tidy end unless you create one yourself. In that respect, Chase’s final scene was nothing short of brilliant. He laid the foundation, you build the blocks.

  66. The show was always done from Tony’s pov so many ppl believe the blackout was him dying. Also in the second last episode it shows him and Bobby talking about what happens when you die, questioning maybe if everything just goes black. I agree tho it was a gross ending what happened to Sil? Is Tony goign to jail???

  67. The show was always done from Tony’s pov so many ppl believe the blackout was him dying. Also in the second last episode it shows him and Bobby talking about what happens when you die, questioning maybe if everything just goes black. I agree tho it was a gross ending what happened to Sil? Is Tony goign to jail???

  68. The show was always done from Tony’s pov so many ppl believe the blackout was him dying. Also in the second last episode it shows him and Bobby talking about what happens when you die, questioning maybe if everything just goes black. I agree tho it was a gross ending what happened to Sil? Is Tony goign to jail???

  69. at first i agreed saw the show and was like “wtf happened there”.. but thats honestly the best way they could have ended it..

  70. It was pretty obvious that Tony got whacked – the black screen was the finality of death. But what was all that stuff about the cat?

  71. Some believe that Tony was killed because the screen went black and in earlier seasons He has said that when u die you dont see or hear anything. There was a flashback alluding to this when Tony was laying on the bed in the “safehouse” and he was talking to Bobby on the boat.

  72. *i didn’t write this, but I agree*

    Tony Soprano is dead….

    in fact, the ending was genius if you’ve paid attention to the show
    or are just a fan of well developed, well thought out plots that all
    tie together and have the memory of a champ to remember it all

    the ending was simple, he got killed, but let me tell ya why and
    explain in detail… There were 3 people in the room total who had a
    reason to kill tony…..

    the two black guys, they were paid before to kill tony but he was
    only shot in the ear, this was in one of the earlier seasons

    also in the earlier seasons, the trucker who was sitting at the bar
    stool, who the camera kept focusing in on, is Nikki Leotardo, Phil
    Leotardos nephew. he was in one of the early season episodes where
    Phil and Tony have a sit down….

    heres where the genius comes in….

    when Tonys walking in the diner, you see the camera focus on him,
    then it switches to his perspective, and you see him looking @ the
    booth he’s gonna sit at…

    then the camera switches back to tonys face, then it once again
    switches to his perspective, and it shows him looking @ the door and
    looking @ the people come in…..

    everytime the door opens the Chimes sound……. Carmela walks in,
    Chimes, AJ walks in Chimes, this when Meadows parallel parking, still
    trying to get inside the restaurant….

    at this point the camera switches back to the trucker who goes in the

    then it goes to a scene where Meadow finally parks and starts running
    in the diner….

    the doors about to open, Tony looks up….

    and No Chimes………………….

    No Music…………

    Everything just goes black……………

    In one of the early Season 6 episodes of the Sopranos, Tony is
    talking with Bobby about what it must feel like to die..

    Bobby says “at the end, you probably dont hear anything, everything
    just goes black”

    part of that was revisited in the second to last episode during the
    last seconds of it, when Tonys about to go to sleep and he flashes
    back to the memory of him and Bobby on the boat… “You probably dont
    hear anything everything just goes black”

    so in the end, the Journey song was playing, the chimes on the door
    sounded but when Meadow came in, the guy in the trucker hat (Nikki
    Leotardo) came out and killed Tony…

    It’s the reason you don’t hear, or see shit when he died…. it was
    from his perspective…. and everything went black, then the credits

  73. This Leotardo Nephew thing floating around sounded GREAT to me and I bought it WITH some relief that allowed me to put this to rest LOL. BUT, I AM a TV writer, and I DO know several of the MAIN actors, AND according to a Soprano Family MEMBER I spoke to today, the actor in the diner NEVER appeared on the show before. THIS theory, alas, is WRONG. BUT, unless I am blind, the clue given to me ALSO BY a Soprano Family member (that Tony is wearing two different shirts in this final scene and this is somehow relevant) is ALSO WRONG LOL. (I couldn’t watch the scene ANY slower or with more freezes trying to spot this) SO, if a blood relative LOL could even be wrong, that tells me that this historic chapter will join the ranks of the final scene of “2001 Space Odyssey” and the success of the Spice Girls and all other unexplainable phenomenon and remain, forever, an open mystery.

  74. first of all i have been watching since the beginning and i’m pretty sure that that was not phils nephew and if it was tony would have known and acted for the two black gentlemen who enter, if you remember when they tried to kill tony in series 1 or 2, one of the would be assassins ends up dead from a stray bullet in the head which means that only one of the guys in the diner could have been from that duo. and after watching it a couple times i’m not sure that either of the guys shown there is the surviving shooter from before. thirdly, the idea that meadow would have been shot first if the trucker in the bathroom was there to kill tony is false. the restroom wasnt behind tony by much, it was mostly to his right and the front door was dirrectly in front of him, so that idea has no credit. also, “dont stop believing” doesnt really speak to the idea of tony gettin killed. i honestly think that chase was afraid to kill tony because of the possible fan backlash and knew that he couldnt finish with the super happy ending without undermining the bold and in your face style of the series. jail was too boring of an idea and he would never go in to the witness protection program. thus it is much easier and more artsy to just end with a quick blackscreen. disapointed but i guess i’m ok with it.

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