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Trying SpamBayes

I’ve been happily using PopFile to filter my spam in a Bayesian way. But it’s inconvenient to train it because it’s not integrated into my mail client (Outlook, ulp). I tried Outclass, but it was over-featured and under-explained. So, I’m trying out SpamBayes, another free Bayesian filter with seemingly good integration into Outlook. It doesn’t filter into all the buckets that PopFile does, but it’s easy to batch-train it against your existing junk and inbox folders.

I was motivated to try new filters by the elegant way Thunderbird integrates spam filtering into the client…much as the Mac client does. I’m using Thunderbird on the road, and find much to like about it, not least that it’s not Outlook.

4 Responses to “Trying SpamBayes”

  1. If you are using Outlook, why don’t you give NEO a try?

    It sits on top of Outlook and organizes mail much better then Outlook.

    I am not affiliated etc. I am just a very happy user.

  2. Hanan, I did try NEO. I found that I wasn’t using it, and that it added too much cruft to the system for my taste. I don’t like these low-level add-ins unless I feel pretty confident I know what they’re doing. This isn’t a criticism of NEO, just an expression of my own neurotic need to be in illusory control of my software.

  3. Good luck with SpamBayes, it works really well for me. After 3 months training I find very few false positives and it siphons off a great swathe of drivel from my inbox. It does seem to slow Outlook down a bit on loading but that’s a small price to pay for having Spam expunged from my inbox.

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