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Ron Reagan for Human Being!

I like Ron Reagan (the son) more than ever after reading this.

6 Responses to “Ron Reagan for Human Being!”

  1. Anything to earn a living.

  2. I personally think that Ron Reagan (the son) is a disgrace to the name and honor of his late great father. Ron has the right to say what he wants to about what is going on in this country. There are many of us “Independents” who do not believe thatr ron reagan shoild have sold out for a “bowl of pottage” by addressing the democra\t convention.

    I have a physical condition for which stem cell researh may find a cure – but I don’t want the cure if stem cells are taken from an aborted baby.

    I hope ron reagan, out of respect for his late father will reconsider and not endorse, by speaking before the democrat convention, those people who trash the name pf Ronald Reagan at rvery opportubity.

    J. D. Moon
    5503 Bryant Place
    S[ringda;e, AR 72764-2591

  3. I just read ‘zeb’s comments and I totally agree!!!
    Late Former President Mr. Ronald Reagan would turn over in his grave if he had any idea what his poor excuse for a son was doing. Isn’t is funny that little ron reagan didn’t have the nerve to pull this (sh**) when his father was alive!

  4. Ron Jr. was well-known for disagreeing with his father while his father was president.

    JD, sorry to hear about your condition, and of course I respect your stand on stem cell research.

    Surely y’all don’t think that the son of an ex-president isn’t allowed to state his disagreement with him or even to switch parties?

    As for the “people who trash the name of Ronald Reagan at every opportunity”…Jeez, the mainline Democrats — Kerry, the DNC, the ex-Prez’s — said only the most respectful and complimentary things about RR, and I’m sure that will continue at the Convention. You seem pretty thin-skinned to me.

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  6. I believe what Ron Jr. says and does is his own business. I never heard he got 502’s, was in a savings and loan scandal or skirted the draft with his famous name. His actions are between him and his dad. Let’s mind our own business and pay attention to the important things in the world that the corportist media refuses to report about.

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