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Waiting, hoping…

Josh Marshall, whose blogging over the past couple of days has been extra special good, has been saying for a while that we’re going to be getting some interesting news about the Niger matter. Today he says it again, saying that news will be coming out in “weeks.” I wonder what it is that he knows…

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2 Responses to “Waiting, hoping…”

  1. Isn’t this driving you crazy? I am so itchy to get the rest of this story from Josh, hate it when he teases like this!!! He’s the only “Carl Bernstein” we have before the election. Have to believe the holdup is due diligence, can’t believe he’d wait this long (or his editors, if writing for WaMo or other).

  2. If it is typical Marshall fodder nothing much will come of it. He always promises big things and hardly delivers. I am not the only one to notice it. It’s a shame because when he is a public speaker he does a good job.

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