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Which circle of Zell?

Why is Zell Miller, who prominently links to his idiotic “Beethoven for Babies” bill that says more about his willingness to sell out to Sony than about his grasp of science, a Democrat? His site touts his exempting two Georgia counties from EPA regulations because it would have “a negative impact on the sitting [sic, I think] of new industry and the procurement of federal transportation funding…” He wants to push Bush’s right-wing extremist judicial appointments through. He has a barbaric attitude about our treatment of Abu Ghraib prisoners that blames having men and women serve together in “these kinds” of military missions — this piece is sickening.

So, any guesses about the conversation Miller had with President Bush:

Miller: Well, Mr. President, I’m ready to make the move. Make it official. Switch sides of the aisle.

W: That’s great Zelly-Belly. Let’s do it up big. You ever strap on a six-shooter? Just for the fun of it, I mean? Maybe we could…

Karl Rove appears from behind curtains.

Rove: Not so fast, Senator Miller. You’re of more use to us as a Democrat.

W: But don’t we need him to vote our way in the Senate?

Rove: Done. Now imagine him as a Democrat giving a keynote at our Convention.

W: Are we letting Democrats in?

Rove: No, Mr. President. We’re letting Senator Miller in. And he’s going to show the sort of bi-partisan support you have.

W: Like the Log Cabin boys? A lot of them are bi, too.

Rove: Yes, like the Log Cabin boys. And then after the election, Senator Miller can become, oh, I don’t know, Ambassador Miller? How’s that sound, Zell? Maybe something with the word “Secretary” in it.

Miller: Sounds as nice as sweet potato pie.

Rove: Ehhhhexcellent.

Miller: Hmm. Do I smell sulfur?

Rove: Yeah, um, it’s my, um, anti-perspirant. You’ll get used to it.

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5 Responses to “Which circle of Zell?”

  1. That about sums it up.

  2. Miller’s critiques of the Democratic party have often been accurate. He complains about memes poorly packaged for persistance and propagation (weak, flabby, vague, programmatic vs. principled). He says the party’s platform isn’t mainstream in his state, and he may be right; many of his arguments sounded like Howard Dean’s.

    I listen to edge cases like Zell. I listen for the out-of-my-left-field truths. Edge cases often help me define my own political philosophy in opposition, by contrast.

    Do you really think he’s going to change parties on TV this week? The free media would wash out the great “Republicans for Kerry” ads that MoveOn PAC is running.

  3. Zell Miller is a traitor, an opportunist, a charlatan. Democrats aren’t perfect, but you don’t change that by joining the fascist opposition.

  4. Phil, I don’t know what he says about why Democrats are marketing themselves poorly. But his positions on issues makes him a Republican.

    No, I don’t think he’s going to switch parties until after the election. I didn’t mean to imply otherwise.

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