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Mitch Wagner of TechWeb lists JOHO as one of the best tech blogs. Hahahaha. Mitch obviously has JOHO confused with, well, a blog that knows something about technology. Perhaps my current electrical problems (no pun intended) have convinced Mitch that I am an electrical engineer of genius-level deviousness who is committed to a rigorous program of self-abuse. Or perhaps Mitch is coming off a two-week Outward Bound course focusing on extreme sarcasm. In any event, thank you Mitch. I am touched and deeply deeply confused.

3 Responses to “Best tech blogs”

  1. Congradulations !!
    For being selected as one of the best (Tech??) blogs.

  2. Hey Mr. Best Tech Blog… Ive got an idea for you. There is a site called that allows people to post articles with the chance of getting paid. I think you should use some of your “tech knowledge” and write up an article to share. Couldnt hurt, right? Ill be sure to check back now that I see this is ‘one of the best’!! :)

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