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Mint culture

I’m in Chicago to be the lunchtime speaker at a meta-conference — it’s for meeting planners — and the Hyatt I’m in has a mint theme. Mint shampoo. Mint conditioner. Mint body scrub. Mint “ice body wash.” As a result, I’ve come out of the shower smelling like a molar.

It’s always enjoyable to attend a conference based around a particular hotel and realize that every attendee smells like English Rose or Sand Breeze. Somewhere a hotel marketing director got a good deal on pine-scented toiletries, so now the International Conference on Hydraulic Research smells like it slept in a Georgia forest.

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  1. I had a similar experience with the whole mind thing, and oddly enough that too waas in Chicago. i was staying in Hotel 71 on Whacker and Michigan and I was just on this menthol buzz thing. I even bought a menthol cigar or two for a relaxing minty smoke as I walked down the miracle mile.

    Damn shame I never made a note of what those cigars were. They were nice. Cheap but nice.

  2. Okay, breaking protocol here and posting twice, but i just wanted to add that the hotel i stayed in was pretty damn good. Much better than Howard Johnsons nasty offering that was so bad I created a website about it!

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