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Two urgent questions

1. When the network newscasters announce who won Florida, what little self-effacing phrase will they use to introduce it? “We’re ready to announce a winner in Florida, and believe me, this time we’ve checked our numbers and counted them twice…”? “We are calling Florida for Bush/Kerry, although with Florida the only thing you can expect is the unexpected…”? What’s it going to be?

2. If one were to serve a house drink on Election Night, what should it be?

a. Suggest existing appropriate drinks for Bush supporters and for Kerry supporters.

b. Create your own drink and describe what’s in it. E.g., for pessimistic Kerry supporters, you might suggest the Bush Oblivion (“take three a day for the next four years”) . Or, Kerry supporters might drink Iraq Invasions: Mix together wild turkey and WMDs; if no WMDs can be found, substitute zero-proof beer. Bush supporters might prefer the Shock and Awe.

5 Responses to “Two urgent questions”

  1. Mint Julip, the drink of a horse race.

  2. Bush: Harvey wallBANG!er
    Kerry: Sherry

  3. From

    151 Florida Bushwacker

    1/2 oz Malibu rum
    1/2 oz Light rum (Bacardi)
    1/2 oz Bacardi 151 proof rum
    1 oz Dark Creme de Cacao
    1 oz Cointreau
    3 oz Milk
    1 oz Coconut liqueur
    1 cup Vanilla ice-cream

  4. For the Democrats, Blue Sky Martini:; for the Republicans: Red Death:

  5. I’m tempted to just keep it simple, and suggest that the Repubs should drown their sorrows with buckets of Old Fashioneds.

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