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Glenn on Firefox

Glenn “Unsolicited Pundit” Fleishman was on public radio today talking about Firefox and security. Here’s the Real Audio.

2 Responses to “Glenn on Firefox”

  1. Thanks for that link… Glad I listened to it because now I know I’m not alone!
    One person on the show said his friend’s IE was using 90%+ processing power or whatever, and there was no spyware, no other way to explain it.
    I’ve had the same problem for the past 2-3 years or so on my computer… And have been using Mozilla pretty much since Mozilla came along – thank goodness.
    I haven’t opened IE in I don’t know how long. I know that any time it opens unintentionally, I wind up having to reboot shortly afterwards.

    I found this story rather surprising…
    I’m still wondering why Dell tech support would not honor a warranty if Mozilla is installed on the machine. I would like to assume there’s a logical explanation for that…

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