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Garden State (the movie) has a blog written by Zach Braff, its author and director. He’s also the star of Scrubs, of which my son and I are inordinately fond. Zach’s latest post tells how he drunk-dialed an Australian movie reviewer.

Yes, the blog takes comments…lots and lots of ’em. Yes RSS. No blogroll. No Creative Commons. Yes, a video thank-you to bloggers (yes, complete with a plug for the Garden State dvd).

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4 Responses to “Braff Blog”

  1. Apparently in Australia they have a feature to prevent such drunk dialing:

    USB Breathelizer -> Blog Lockout -> Blogging with less regret

  2. Yes, funny you should mention “drunk dialing in Australia”, as Gizmodo posted the same thing about “Drunk Dialing Blacklists”:

  3. I don’t think I’ve ever used that phrase before. It probably entered my mind via wherever it was that I saw the Braff blog mentioned, which, unfortunately, I can’t recall.

  4. …and now Zach has censored himself and removed any reference to the incident.

    Maybe he’s not just drunk dialing? He’s drunk blogging too!

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