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Biggest Cognitive-Emotional Distance Award

And the winner is: The Boston Globe for today headlining the plight of tsunami victims and, three inches away, running this teaser at the top of the page:

Delete with care

For cellphone users, decision is agonizing

The article, on the front page of Living/Arts, relates the heart-breaking story of Blake Conney who drunk-dialed her old boyfriend and gave him a chicken recipe. Should she have deleted his name from her cellphone? The decision is, as the teaser promises, agonizing.

[Thanks to our daughter Leah for pointing this out.]

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  1. Biggest Cognitive-Emotional Distance Award

    David says the winner is the Boston Globe for Saturday’s front page, on which one could read about the awful plight of tsunami survivors and a teaser for a story about a woman who faces the agonizing decision about whether…

  2. I just scrolled down from this article, and found David’s “Nubbins, handle with care” article. You don’t have to go far at all in this world to find cognitive dissonance. :-)

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