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BBN rips lid off my seamy relationship with EthanZ

I ignored Ethan’s blogging of a comment about my after-dinner speech last week because it was way too embarrassing. Unfortunately, the bastards at Better Bad News have a 15 minute video (also available as a podcast) that begins there, figures out I’m a schmuck, and moves onto the important issues of blogging and credibility. (Hint: It’s very funny and they’re right.)

Ethan responds with appropriate outrage here.

3 Responses to “BBN rips lid off my seamy relationship with EthanZ”

  1. Rent my Background

    David Weinberger, that Pygmalian of weblogging, points to an in-depth investigative report that follows on the now famous Incredible BloJo conference held at Harvard last week.

    In the report, the hard hitting news hounds at Better Bad News leav…

  2. I don’t think your a shmuck, but that was a funny bit!

  3. I’m now among “the press”

    So I just got my press ‘credentials’ to cover SXSW conference here in Austin, March 11-15, 2005. Now, I don’t want any of you speakers to think that I’m going to go easy

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