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Conference attendance parallelism

As far as I can tell, Andrew McLaughlin is the only person who has to been to all four of the same conferences I’ve been to this month: The Madrid conference on democracy, security and terrorism; O’Reilly Emerging Tech; Esther Dyson’s PC Forum; David Isenberg’s Freedom2Connect.

It’s been a total pleasure to get to spend some time with Andrew, but all I can say to him is: Andrew, you’re going to way too many conferences! [Technorati tags: ]

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6 Responses to “Conference attendance parallelism”

  1. At the risk of bringing logic into the equation, David, if Andrew’s attending too many conferences, what does that imply about your conference addiction?

  2. But I am a conference animal!

  3. Who new that the business model for blogging was to run conferences?!? It makes perfect sense now…

  4. Unfortunately, I am running to conferences, not running them. No business model here!

  5. a. Everybody please ignore Matt Jones. He has stolen/intuited/misappropriated/preannounced *my* Trade Secret (R) (TM) (CC).

    b. David Weinberger is indeed a conference animal. Species: Empathesaurus Rex.

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