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Scare Your Child Straight Day

I’m at corporate HQ in Atlanta where the unusual number of kids is explained by the fact that it’s Bring Your Child to Work day. And thus ends childhood.

Note to self: Invest in anti-depressants.

I remember going to work with my father — he was a labor lawyer for NY State — and, well, let’s say it did not fill me with a desire to grow up. Still doesn’t.

5 Responses to “Scare Your Child Straight Day”

  1. Maybe “Scare your kids silly day” is a better name if bringing your kid to work meant to really teach them a lesson. I caught a snippet of an interview with members of the cast of Spamalot, and one of them remarked something to the effect that silliness is the only antidote to the times we live in.

  2. Note to self: Invest in anti-depressants.

    Joho the Blog

  3. Watching my father working was one of the most influetial experiences of my life. He worked with metal and machines and made them do what he wanted them to be and do. Later he aquired the hobby of electronics and invented some things. He did it at home and for hours I sat beside him, watching and getting explanations.

    If you have in your toolbox a screwdriver tester that checks mains current and ground and continuity, you should know that my father invented it. He got a patent for it but it was copied all over the world in millions.

  4. Scare straight is abad idea

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