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Preleaking encores

From BradSucks:

[01:01] very very soon it would seem that preleaking an album will be like a band leaving the stage before their encore

[01:01] just totally expected, even though everyone can see it for what it is

All part of the way the Net is disintermediating time.

Ok, so that phrase means absolutely nothing. But it sounds damn good. In fact, the Net is making time more complex, smudging it, interlineating it, hyperlinking it, depriving it of its gatekeeping function.

Ok, that didn’t mean much. Here’s what’s actually happening, IMO: We have social conventions that let us act as if there are moments that strictly divide one state from another, especially when it comes to making things public: products, artworks, selves. But now the public revelation of a work happens as the work grows. And after it’s made public, many objects are fluid enough that they remain in process. Time is not as neatly divided as it used to be.

But “disintermediating time” sounds so much better!

Also from BradSucks:

Uncyclopedia on Air Guitar – the Uncyclopedia (it’s like Wikipedia, but all lies) article on air guitar is worth a read.

Also from BradSucks: New songs, including

Certain Death
Total Breakdown
Understood By Your Dad
You’re Not Going Anywhere
Dropping Out Of School

All free of course. Which is why you ought to buy them. [Technorati tags: ]

5 Responses to “Preleaking encores”

  1. [Applause in appreciation of a mini-performance. Like Lenny Bruce’s take on beatnik poetry.]

  2. Actually, it’s more like hypermediation.

  3. “All part of the way the Net is disintermediating time.”

    All part of the asynchronous revolution?

  4. Has disintermeditation been invented yet? Can I do it?

    Thanks for the plug, David, I will release your pets and loved ones now.

  5. he look like he got struck by lighten he suppa ugly thats my daddy though so all you females and males give him his space cause youll kno youll want him he like lil boys 2 and girls come to neverland 2nite at 6:30 yeet yeet!!!!

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