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The generosity of Ms. or Mr. Linksys

We’re in Western Massachusetts for the weekend. There’s no cellphone signals out where we are, and also no water. So, I’m in a parking lot in the nearby small town where I’m picking up a very weak open wifi signal. SSID: linksys.

I don’t know who this Linksys person is, but she seems to have residences everywhere! Thank you!

3 Responses to “The generosity of Ms. or Mr. Linksys”

  1. Too funny! On the other hand, I leave my wifi access point totally unencrypted and discoverable deliberately. I figure nobody like the RIAA or the MPAA can come knocking at my door blaming me for whatever crazy thing they are upset about today because I have plausible deniability: “From this house? Go figure! Anyone can access it from the street so who knows…”

    I don’t know how much that argument would stand up in court, but it seems at least one notch better than “the dog ate my homework” variety. Besides, I don’t actually engage in any illegal p2p filesharing activities anyway, so it’s probably moot.

    I at least have the technical moxie to rename the access point from the default, however. Go me.

  2. Dunno where you are in Western Mass., but if you’re in need of wifi, feel free to swing by Lanesboro — you can sit on the deck with your laptop and enjoy the view. :-)

    Alternately, Topia Cafe in Adams has free wifi (and good edibles), and Jae’s Inn in North Adams has wifi too…

  3. In the metro in Oklahoma City you don’t need to buy internet! Just walk outside of your house with your laptop and click search and a linksys pops up!

    When I went to visit in Seneca, KS (very small town), linksys was everywhere!

    I don’t know who these linksys people are, but they are sure stupid for leaving their network un-encrypted across the nation!!

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