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David Koch missing in Vancouver

Shel Israel posts a message from Gary Bolles asking for help publicizing the fact that a friend of his, David Koch, has gone missing on a mountain in Vancouver; apparently he missed the tram down and set out to hike it. Gary is worried that the Canadian authorities are giving up their search, and he’s looking for ways to encourage them to continue, including by publicizing David’s plight. Time is short, so if you have any thoughts, you can reach Gary through Shel’s post.

This has ended sadly. My sincere condolences to David’s family. He touched many people.

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  1. Get up off your couch and do something. Call CNN, and the traditional news agencies who don’t care and let them know you do. Call the Prime Minister of Canada and ask for a full scale government search. Light a fire under someone!

    Family frustrated over search for missing hiker
    Last updated Jun 2 2005 01:28 PM PDT
    CBC News
    VANCOUVER – The search for a missing American tourist on Grouse Mountain has entered a new phase. Rescue teams are now using dogs to search the south face of the mountain and a grid search is planned for the weekend.

    David Koch as seen on security camera video

    There was a glimmer of hope Thursday when searchers found a sweater they think may belong to David Koch on one of the mountain’s trails.

    The search so far has turned up few other clues in the disappearance of Koch, and his sister is frustrated that attention in the case may be waning.

    Speaking to CBC News from her Iowa home, Karen Koch says it took six days – and many calls to U.S. politicians – before the American Consulate got involved.

    David Koch

    “Once the American Consulate did get the word through Washington, they finally did show up on the mountain on Tuesday,” she said.

    Koch says she appreciates the thousands of hours spent by rescuers looking for her brother, but she wonders why they haven’t accepted help from search crews across the border.

    The lack of leads has led to speculation Koch might have disappeared on purpose. Search and rescue officials says they’ve investigated the possibility, but say there is no evidence of that. Karen Koch agrees, saying her brother is happily married and just moved into a new home.

    The 36-year-old vanished more than a week ago after taking the Skyride to the top of the mountain. His ticket was never scanned for the return trip and his rental car was found in the parking lot.

    Other than being spotted a few times on security camera videotapes, there has been no sign of the Wisconsin man.

  2. I don’t know this man personally, but I know of him through a friend of mine in Grand Rapids Michigan. I can’t believe that we have not heard of this on the national news etc. I am lost for words on how awful this must be. I send my prayers and thoughts to the family, and if there was a way to assist in the search I would. All I can offer is prayer.

  3. Please press these two members of the Canadian Government to increase the search efforts for David Koch, last seen May 25, 2005 at
    8:00 p.m. in the Chalet at the summit of Grouse Mountain in North
    Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. It will only take a moment of
    your time and time may be running out.

    Provincial British Columbia Member of the Legislature for Grouse Mountain Area
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Web site:
    Room 201
    Parliament Buildings
    Victoria, BC
    V8V 1X4
    Phone: 250 356-3078
    Fax: 250 387-9104
    311 – 1200 Lynn Valley Road
    North Vancouver, BC
    V7J 2A2
    Phone: 604 775-0803
    Fax: 604 775-0883

    Federal Canadian Member of Parliament for Grouse Mountain Area

    Don Bell

    Constituency: North Vancouver

    Province: British Columbia Telephone: (613) 995-1225 Fax: (613) 992-7319

    Email: [email protected]

    Hill Office
    House of Commons
    Ottawa, Ontario
    K1A 0A6

    Constituency Office

    1200 Lynn Valley Road Unit 302

    North Vancouver, British

  4. I wish the family of David Koch sucess in finding him which I am sure they will. Although I have the same name I am no relation but we are connected through a missing person as my son Gareth David Koch still remains missing in Nepal.

    Once again I wish the Koch family well and I pray for some good news soon.

    David Koch

  5. Dear Mr. Don Bell, Member of the Canadian Parliament and Mr. Dan Jarvis, Member of the Legislative Assembly in British Columbia:

    I am a lawyer in British Columbia and an amateur mountaineer. I have climbed Grouse Mountain approximately a 1000 times since the Grouse Grind was developed as a training trail for Mount Everest more than 20 years ago. I have owned a Grouse Mountain pass for the last five years.

    Last Saturday I climbed Grouse Mountain up the BCMC trail with my two small dogs, as I do almost every weekend the mountain is open for hikers. This time I was hoping to find the missing American Tourist, who disappeared without a trace from the Chalet at the 4100 foot point on Grouse mountain on the evening of May 25,2005.

    I am an amateur, but from my personal observations the search for Mr. Koch was not anything I expected or imagined. It was haphazard and half hearted. Every searcher I talked to said they assumed Mr. Koch was dead because two nights had passed before Grouse Mountain Resort staff noticed Mr. Koch’s unattended car in their parking lot. This should have been a red flag from the first night after closing and it is at other resorts. My own son was saved by North Shore Search and Rescue six years ago after he had been swept by an avanlance down Australian Gully on Cypress Bowl because a police officer noticed his car in the parking lot after hours.

    Last weekend casual hikers were traipsing all over the trails among the “professional searchers”. On the mountain, up the trails and in the chalet it was “business as usual”. Any real chance of tracking scouts or dogs finding Mr. Koch in that noisy melee was destroyed. If Mr. Koch had been calling for help no one would have heard him because of the usual yelling, talking and laughing that goes on the trails.

    The search was not done with dogs at that time and it was not done in a systematic grid pattern.

    My offers of assistance to search the public trails, freeing up the professionals for the more technically challenging areas was declined on the basis that they were bringing in “professionals from Abbotsford”. With all due respect to the “professionals from Abbotsford” I believe that I and other Grinders like myself could have done as good a job of searching the main trails for an injured person.

    In these particular factual circumstances I believe that the mountain should have been shut down for the time frame when Mr. Koch could have been found alive with a diligent search. I believe that that time frame is fast closing upon us.

    I also believe that when the volunteer efforts of the North Shore Search and Rescue are not enough to handle a particular missing persons search, the Armed Forces or other government agency of Canada and of the United States should be prepared to step in to assist. We do not decline their assistance to save our burning forests, why decline their offers of help to save a much loved husband, brother and son.

    I am frankly grateful at one level the American News agencies have not picked up on this story. After the American Air Force so bravely and expertly picked three Canadian mountaineers off our Mount Logan at 21,000 feet in the remote Yukon last weekend, and saved their lives, we Canadians cannot mount more than a half hearted, disorganized, volunteer and under staffed search for a beloved family man lost 20 minutes from metropolitan Vancouver. This search was shameful on a provincial and national level.

    We owe our tourist industry and our own national self esteem more than that. Please bring in the Armed forces of Canada and any assistance that the Americans may be willing to offer and do anything else that you can think of that might bring this young man home to his family’s waiting arms.

    Kathleen H. Walker 604 609-9911

  6. Thank you everyone for your thoughts and prayers. I have know the Koch family my entire life and although David and I are not close personal friends however his younger sister and I are. I will pass your thoughts and well wishes on to the family. The prayers are greatly appreciated.


    Thank you for that letter.

  7. Again I must take exception to what I perceive to be increasingly wrong opinions about the conduct of this search. I will repeat these points to you:

    1) By Saturday, all of the trails had been searched already. Public assistance was not necessary to cover trails that the public hikes anyway.

    2) Since he went missing on Wednesday evening, and people had already walked all over the top of the mountain on Thursday, there was no point in closing the mountain because all scent and tracking evidence had already been destroyed. If he was on or near a public trail he would have been seen or would have seen the trail. This is certainly not the case.

    3) Clearly, the search was neither haphazard nor half-hearted. Your “evidence” of talking to a few searchers on trails by no means makes you privy to the enormous efforts underway all over the mountain both on and off trail, and for a period (by Saturday) of over 16 hours:

    – Helicopters with both visual and FLIR (Infra red) cameras
    – Trained tracking personnel
    – Tracking dogs; both air and ground scenting
    – Rope rescue, cliff rescue and mountain rescue trained searchers
    – Every trail and gulley and cliff within the search area was covered
    – All roads and trails bounding the search area were covered.

    The only remaining point here is this:
    That vehicle should have been reported in the parking lot much sooner. All of the north shore resorts are guilty of this since two other people died this winter because they were not reported missing (i.e.: their vehicles were in the parking lot, and either the resort in question did not report it soon enough, or the police agency they reported to did not act to notify SAR).

    I hate to say this, but the operating theory is this: he was injured or became incapacitated by some misadventure. If he was unable to respond, then the chances of discovering him become quite low. Even at 5 meter spacing and with 1000 volunteers it would take more than a week at very high effort and hazard to search the areas where he would most likely end up, and even then there would only be an 80% chance that we would be discovered.

    I am very encouraged by the fact that there are people like you who care so much about pure strangers. You have that in common with the many volunteers who have put in thousands of person-hours searching for what has become an increasingly unfortunate individual. HOWEVER, your letter is misinformed, and misguided. You base your criticism on pure opinion and perception rather than any knowledge of the facts of what is involved in a search of this magnitude.

    I would hope that your concern for the lost individual would also extend to the individuals who are spending their time, and taking on a certain element of risk in searching for him. This letter is hurtful, discouraging, and demoralizing to all of us in the SAR community.

  8. First I would like to pass out my deepest heartfelt concern and compassion for David’s family and friends. I’ve been following the news and I can’t imagine what it’s like to be waiting for information.
    I live in North Vancouver and spend many hours in the wilderness that surrounds us. Or should I say the wilderness that we (humans) have invaded/encroached upon? This is BC. The mountains are steep, the cracks are narrow and deep, the bush is thick, ferns grow like trees, slick moss covers rocks… it is very, very dangerous at the best of times. I have seen our SAR in action and I believe they are very good at what they do. Check out their history of successful rescues. If I was lost locally I would rest assured knowing that a top notch, professionally organized search effort would be underway. That said, I wish that our military had more SAR technicians, but we don’t. Thank Ottawa for that one. Tensions are high, someone is missing, it’s human nature to want to blame someone/something…time to be careful with what we say. We are on the same side here. Most importantly, may we find this wonderful person soon.

  9. Since your Trackbacks function is turned off, here’s a manual link to a blog entry about this post (actually, about the comments to this post).

  10. North Shore SAR rocks…keep going boys…we will find Dave…and welsome to the SAR team in from Mt. Ranier; also – a special thanks to Const. John MacAdam of RCMP’s, you’re a good man – keep up your strong efforts and positive attitude on the Koch rescue.

  11. I spoke with a friend this morning who is a world class mountaineer: Kilamanjaro (Africa), Elbrus (Chechnea), Aconagua (Argentina) and I asked her whether she thought that Dave was still alive.

    Although she is a tiny person less than 5 feet tall she has contributed to search and rescue efforts above 20,000 feet. She has climbed the Grouse Grind up, down and back up again in the time it takes most men to climb up. She said: You don’t start or hold any preconcieved ideas about what happened or whether the person is dead or alive. You clear your mind of that. You look at all the evidence and the background and personality of the missing person. You keep your mind open to every possibility and let the evidence lead you where it will. I asked her what was the longest time she had heard of a hiker missing in the wilderness to survive and she said 35 days. We are a long way from 35 days.

  12. I just want the family and friends of David Koch who are not near the mountain to know that right now, June 4th at
    1 PM , Helicopters are circling over the mountain and the search is in full swing.
    To the Koch family, please do not give up!

  13. No body has mentioned if David Koch had a laptop computor with him, I suggest that they check for it, and also the one in his office, to look for any clues there migth be, in case he had something special in mind.

  14. This is Dave’s sister Karen speaking…

    I did this interview for Scott Robarts last evening please read it if you can….

    Just want to say to the conspiracy theorists on the supposition that my brother took off, and yes we did address this in e-mail to you personally as well, (though there is a part of me that at this point would welcome the luxery of that supposition…as an “If oh God if only please let this be true” I could forgive him in a second and wrap him in my arms, if in fact it was true , at least I would be comforted by the fact that my brother was indeed alive and well)

    My brother had been to Grouse Mountain before, he gets to Vancouver maybe twice a year due to his route on buisness…and has even been there, to Grouse Mountain, by himself and with his wife Suzanne previously when they both came to visit Vancouver. This particular instance he was traveling between buisness locations, that being Seattle which he left Wednesday…and towards Vancouver Wednesday evening. He crossed the border into Canada at 6:30pm…stopped briefly and purchased a drink and a snack along the way..arrived at Grouse Mountain at 8:00pm, and rode the tram at 8:30pm…I know in my mind that he had already envisioned having been at Grouse Mountain before, which path he was probably going to travel, regardless of time but ohh he probaly could make it if he hurried..It would be a path that he had not taken before to see something new (to get the most bang for his buck so to speak, making the most of his time, rather than see an area or take a trail he had traversed before)…(my dad always took the scenic route when we traveled growing up…it was always about seeing something new that you had not seen before along the way) (Why he did not check into his hotel first, is that he would have never made it back to the mountain in time to sight see while he was there in Vancouver as he had 2 buiness meetings the next day and his plane was to leave Thursday evening, and had spent a few hours driving in the car what better way to stretch one’s legs..(and yes my brother would rather be with nature, than go out for a beer, or a round of golf, or sit alone in a hotel room in order to center himself)(He spent part of this recent Easter weekend taking my sister Kisten and his nephew canoeing in fact) You see him in the video footage taking long and puposefull strides, knowing he would have to hurry to make his desired destination as he glances at the clock to check the time, my brother was double checking the time, locking it in his mind as he never carries a watch, (it bothers his wrist he says)The clock is also located where the suvellience camera is kept so perhaps making it seem like he is glancing around, when in fact he is looking directly at the clock. He hurries off to his desired destination, a mental goal he is off to conquer in a way…My guess was Dam Mountain as he probaly not gotten that far on previous visits to Grouse Mountain..

    This is about all the energy I have to respond to for now, please look at the interview I did for Scott’s blog as well.

    God please keep my brother safe, and please bless all those that have searched for my brother these past very long days and to those that go out tomorrow as well to search for him…A heartfelt thanks to all the outpouring of support to my family (For Dave especially, as well as my mom (Ardell Koch), Dave’s siblings..including myself (his sister Karen), his sister Kisten, brother Erik, my sister Korrine, (and his 5 nieces and nephews who adore him so much) and importantly Dave’s wife Suzanne who truly is a sister to me…your well wishes are truly heard by us…

    Pray also for my Mother whose birthday is tomorrow, Monday June 6th…

    Thank you all so much Karen Koch [email protected]

  15. Karen: I just came back from David’s SAR camp on Capilano road near the fish hatchery on the way to Grouse Mountain. I couldn’t believe how big and well organized it was. There were SAR vehicles from Washington, Coquitlam, North Shore Search and Rescue etc.

    There were only four people in the camp to greet me because everyone else, over 100 searchers and fifteen family members were out on Grouse mountain finding your brother Dave.

    It is driving with rain, which is a very good thing because that will wash away the scents of other hikers who have been on the mountain and leave only Dave’s scent.

    I dropped off 15 dozen Tim Horton’s assorted doughnuts for the searchers to make up for my attitude last week. Tim Horton’s doughnuts are to Canadians what crack cocaine is to crack addicts. But I digress.

    You would have been so impressed by the setup of the SAR. It was like a big mobile army unit. The people there were so kind to me that I started to cry because I remembered how indebted to them for saving my beloved son six years ago. If I had lost my son I would be a different person today. My son’s life has a price above rubies.

    When I dropped off the doughnuts at the SAR camp I became very emotional for that reason and started to cry. I so want those searchers to find your Dave alive.

    One last point, about two years ago I was hiking up Seymour Mountain in winter. I thought that I was okay because I thought that I had left my headlamp in my parka pocket because I could feel something like a headlamp. When I got to the top of the mountain in the dark I reached for the headlamp and found a shower head that I had put there to remind me that it needed to be replaced. No one knew where I was and if I had slipped I don’t think I would have been easily found. People do stupid things like that.

    So Dave probably made a stupid decision like I did and got lost. But like me, I am sure that he is a survivor.

    We do not have the luxury of believing that Dave voluntarily left the mountain. There are years down the road when we can sort out that scenario.

    Right now we have to focus on the possibility that he is alive and waiting desperately for rescue because that is the time limited scenario.

    I am praying like crazy for you and your family and for Dave’s save return.

    Your friend, Kathleen


  17. This may or may not be an idea and as I have never been to Grouse Mountain and do not know where the search has actually taken place, please take it for what it is worth.

    What if, on his way to take pictures, David encountered an animal of some sort. Now, I was thinking along the lines of a bear as they have their cubs with them at this point and it would be easy to anger one just by being at the wrong place. There are also mountain lions etc. but I am still leaning toward bear.

    Let’s just say he runs into a bear and is then simply trying to get away from it. What if he went in a direction not indicated by the theory that he was hiking down the mountain? What if he was headed toward “Goat Mountain” or the backside of “Grouse Mountain”? Perhaps it is far fetched but it would explain why there are no traces of him where people are expecting those traces to be. It is an idea none the less.

  18. My hunch is that if David is found it will be outside the area searched by SAR volunteers. A person can travel a long way in 36 hours, which I believe is the time period that elapsed before the search began. I think any remaining searches should be conducted on the north side of Grouse Mountain, away from the city and beyond the area searched by SAR volunteers.

  19. Here is another idea. According to the book The Wisdom of Crowds, people as a group are smarter than individuals. The book discusses situations similar to this one where group wisdom prevailed–I think one scenario was finding the location of a missing submarine.

    What you need to do is to talk to as many search leaders as possible, show them a map, and ask them to identify where they think David is located on that map. Each person must be queried alone and must not be allowed to discuss his ideas with others. Find a way to aggregate the responses and search any areas indicated heavily.

  20. Darryl;

    Yes! I agree! I truly believe that Dave is simply not where they are looking for him. I hope there are more people willing to search and that they search in another direction.

  21. After reading the nonsense from the lawyer stating that the rescue efforts were haphazard and halfhearted is amazing. The North Shore Rescue Team are absolute professionals and have done everything in their power to find Mr. Koch.
    Mrs. Turners offer to assist with the search might have been well intended but if every amateur on the North Shore offered to help you can be assured that North Shore SAR would have more rescues on their hands.
    For the family of Mr. Koch I sincerely hope that he is found. He just might be alive but not on the mountain.

  22. Keep looking. Never, never, never give up. I cannot believe a man that people speak of with such high regard would voluntarily cause his mother worry on the day of her birthday.

    He is out there and waiting for us to find him.

    North Shore Search and Rescue got off to a slow start for reasons that had nothing to do with them. Dave’s car was not found in the Grouse Mountain Resort Parking lot until he had been missing for two nights!

    My own son was rescued by North Shore Search and Rescue because his girlfriend pressed the RCMP to look in the Cypress Bowl parking lot for his car the night he went missing while snowboarding.

    He was swept down Australian Gully on Cypress Bowl (named after the Australian who had died there) in an avalanche, smashed into a tree and had his eyebrow slashed open. But NSSR found him before I knew that he was missing because of the car in the parking lot.

    Let this be a lesson to Grouse Mountain Resorts regarding cars with foreign licence plates left in their parking lot past closing.

  23. I have been waking each morning since this mans disapperance on our north shore mts, hoping to hear that he has been found after wandering many miles of forest to an open hwy rd. or something. My prayers are with you and everyone should say a prayer directed to this mans safe return to his family.. Many prayers come together to bring a positive outcome. I have been praying each night for him and remain postive for the family. Our people use to navigate and survive in those mts. with what resources are given us from the creator. I hope that he is looking out for David right now, and it is positive that he has survival skills which he could very well be using. God bless and my prayers are with you everyday

  24. Our local news here in Wisconsin just reported that David Koch’s body has been found.

  25. Sadly, the North Vancouver RCMP advises they have found the body of David Koch. Body found in a gully under debris. Looks like he went to look out over a cliff, slipped and fell into a gully. His family has been notified. May he rest in peace.

    VANCOUVER/CKNW(AM980) – RCMP confirm the body of missing American David Koch has been found on the North Shore.
    He was last seen on Grouse Mountain the night of May 25th.

    Constable John Macadam speaks for the North Vancouver RCMP.

    “……. We this afternoon received a tip from an anonymous hiker that he may have recovered the body of Mr. Koch and…… Four of our members attended to the scene this afternoon and hiked to this area….and we have recovered the body of Mr Koch and the family has been notified and the body is being airlifted out as we speak”

    Macadam has more information on where the body was found.

    “……… I believe it’s roughly 650 metres east of the Bluffs Trail is I believe the name of the trail in quite a precarious spot”

    RCMP and search and rescue officials will have more information this afternoon.

  26. To the Koch family, my deepest condolences for your loss.
    I am so very sorry the way this all ended and was hoping for much better news.
    All the best to all of you.

  27. I went up Grouse mountain on Saturday June 4th & was in the same skyride up the mountain as Davids wife & sister & friends, I wanted to say something to you but could find no words to console you. I am so sorry for your loss, but I hope that you will at least now have closure & peace of mind. For those of us that live in North Vancouver especially so close to the mountain, know that we will never forget what you went thru & we will nwever forget David Koch.
    God bless all of you. And a very special thankyou to the North Shore Search & Rescue for all your hard work.


    ” NORTH VANCOUVER(CKNW/AM980) – RCMP confirm the body of missing American David Koch has been found on the North Shore.

    He was last seen on Grouse Mountain the night of May 25th.

    Constable John MaCadam speaks for the North Vancouver RCMP.

    “We this afternoon received a tip from an anonymous hiker that he may have recovered the body of Mr Koch and four of our members attended to the scene this afternoon and hiked to this area and we have recovered the body of Mr Koch and the family has been notified and the body is being airlifted out as we speak”

    MacAdam has more information on where the body was found.

    ” I believe it’s roughly 650 metres east of The Bluffs Trail is I believe the name of the trail in quite a precarious spot””

    Posted by: | June 7, 2005 04:25 PM

    How sad. What a tragic loss. I hope everyone rallies around the family because they are going to need a lot of love and support right now.

  29. Koch Family Statement
    Jun, 07 2005 – 5:00 PM

    NORTH VANCOUVER(CKNW/AM980) – David Koch’s family is offering its thanks as relatives deal with the tragedy.
    Family members have issued a statement and at the top are thanks to those involved in the search – from the North Shore Search and Rescue to the RCMP, as well as Washington State Park Rangers and the people of North vVancouver and the Lower Mainland.

    The media is also thanked for its help.

    The family says it wishes now to grieve in private and hopes everyone understands this deeply personal tragedy.

  30. I am very sorry to hear about Mr. Koch. My condolences go out to his family and friends. My earlier comment about the possibility that David might not have been on the mountain all this time was premature and I apologise for saying it. May the family be strong.

  31. What you all are going thru right now is important to me and to our Lord. I hope you can feel the warmth of His arms around you now giving you strength for today and hope for tomorrow. I will continue to pray for you as you all go through this difficult time. It is during these most difficult times that we can see the hand of God clearly. I hope he touches your heart and you feel His love especially at this time of need. My deepest sympathy to each of you.

  32. I am so terribly sorry for your loss. I just saw the new on my local station here in Wisconsin. I am so sad for his family. My prayers are with his wife and family.

  33. What you all are going thru right now is important to me and to our Lord. I hope you can feel the warmth of His arms around you now giving you strength for today and hope for tomorrow. I will continue to pray for you as you all go through this difficult time. It is during these most difficult times that we can see the hand of God clearly. I hope he touches your heart and you feel His love especially at this time of need. My deepest sympathy to each of you.

  34. I have observed David Koch’s beautiful smile for many years. David left this world while doing what he loved, being in the nature.

    My heart goes for his friends, coleagues and and family.

    Cyrus Golkar

  35. I knew Dave in a business capacity and enjoyed working with him. Dave liked to laugh, was a wonderfully warm person, who excelled in business and life. He was an enthusiastic, happy, mostly glass-half full kind of a guy who became your friend. I will miss him. My thoughts go to his family.

  36. All of Vancouver is sad for your loss.

  37. Very sorry about your loss!

    I truly hope you find much strength in your time of grieving. God bless The Koch family, close friends, and dear wife, Suzanne.

  38. This is truly and unfortunate event. I graduated with Dave and he was always a great person (to everyone). Our thoughts go out to the family, he will truly be missed by all.

  39. As a Vancouver resident and frequent Grouse Grind hiker I followed the story of missing David each day hoping for good news. I was very sad when I learned of the tragedy. I am so sorry that you have to endure such sadness and pain. My thoughts are with you and will continue to be . . . God Bless!

  40. Please know I am praying for your family. I have also just been through the death of my baby brother and uncle whom where found dead on a hike on Mt. Rainer on 05-23-05. Please know you are not alone and I know exactly the pain you are dealing with right now. May god reassure you that he is eternally happy and feels only pure joy now. God Bless.

  41. We, as a family, send our sincerest condolences to the Koch family. Our son was the young American lost on the neighboring Mt Seymour in early January, Jared Stanley.
    The shock and misery that follows is almost unbearable and our hearts go out to you.
    We too have concerns about the length of time required to initiate a search. Our only consolation is that all of the forensic evidence suggests that Jared did not survive his first night on the mountain. To know that Jared struggled and suffered for several days would almost certainly have driven us insane.
    Again,our sincerest condolences!

  42. The story gets even more sad. He was alive for six days before giving in to hypothermia.

    AP Wisconsin News

    Oct 5, 9:20 AM EDT

    Man who died on hike near Vancouver was alive during search

    NORTH VANCOUVER, British Columbia (AP) — A Wisconsin man who died on a hike in this Vancouver suburb was alive for several days while rescuers looked for him, according to a coroner’s report.

    David Koch, 36, of Hartland, Wis., was found dead by an independent searcher June 7 in a creek bed on Grouse Mountain 10 days after he vanished.

    Earlier, Koch had been the subject of an intense search using helicopters, police dogs, infrared devices and trained personnel. According to the coroner’s report, he died of hypothermia around May 31, six days after he was last seen.

    “These findings are saddening, as the report suggests that Koch may have been alive for some time while the search was ongoing,” Royal Canadian Mounted Police said in a news release Tuesday.

    Authorities said earlier that Koch went for a walk on the mountain after flying to Seattle, renting a car and driving to Vancouver for a business trip.

    Video surveillance tapes showed he got off the Grouse Mountain cable car, went for a 10-minute walk, re-entered the mountaintop atrium and then exited a second time. He was wearing sandals, which led rescue crews to conclude he intended to go on a light walk.

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  44. […] for David Koch on Grouse Mountain in 2005 when he went missing on a very short , 2.9km long trail. Comments on blogs at the time seemed to insist that it was just a matter of getting out there and looking […]

  45. The best husband and friend I could ever ask for…Still missed so dearly…loved so greatly…without question…such a great man! Some could ask why…but the answer is only with God. Please always be with us! We love you always…we must go on…help us on our way

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