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Let’s clear up the other big Watergate mystery

Now that we know to a fair certainty who Deep Throat was, it’s time to have modern science look at the tape with the 18-minute gap. I’ve been told by one of the engineers who examined it at the time that we could probably recover the erased sound, but we have to act soon before the tape deteriorates entirely. [Technorati tag:]

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4 Responses to “Let’s clear up the other big Watergate mystery”

  1. “I’ve been told by one of the engineers …”

    When were you told this? I happened to discuss that very issue many years ago with one of the principals, and I recall he was very pessimistic about the prospects.

    By the way, where do we know about Deep Throat? Last I heard, there was just some speculation, but nothing much new (“ill”, but many people active in that era are now nearing the end of their lives).

  2. They did. We wrote about it three years ago (the link is the URL on my name). My understanding is that despite the best that noise correction, digital interpolation and high-sensitivity magnetics could do, nothing useful was extracted.

    Chris Anderson
    EIC, Wired

  3. Ah, I’m up to speed now on the Mark Felt news.

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