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A PR agency I’d like to see

PRSpeak thinks maybe it’s time to get the various people mouthing off about PR (I am one of those mouthers) into a room and produce something like a manifesto.

This isn’t a manifesto, but here’s a self-description I’d like to hear from a PR agency sometime:

1. Our PR agency’s aim is to help knowledge emerge in public.

2. We recognize that knowledge is a property of conversations.

3. Scientists, industry experts, businesses, enthusiasts, and users each have important and unique contributions to make to these conversations. No one group holds all the knowledge necessary.

4. So, the aim of this agency is to help enable the conversations from which knowledge emerges. [Here’s where a list of services would go.]

5. Our clients pay us to represent the public’s interest in having the honest and useful conversations that generate knowledge, because our clients believe that an increase in public knowledge is good for their business.

Could such an agency actually make money? I don’t know. That’s why it’s called “mouthing off.” [Technorati tags: ]

4 Responses to “A PR agency I’d like to see”

  1. Back To Simplicity

    I am back from two weeks of sun sand and super-duper French grub. Highlights were extensive cycling around the beautiful island of Ile de Re and reclaiming my ability to read (rather than scan) books. Catching up with the blogosphere

  2. Great start, David. Thanks for taking up that challenge.

    I generally think of this in terms of helping people or organizations raise an authentic, unique, and constructive voice in the public conversation — and to help them learn to listen well to that conversation.

    But your version works just as well (or better).

    – Amy Gahran

  3. Love your post!

    If you have the chance, you should check out this thread on a great example of bad pr being drummed out of the blogosphere:

    Kryptonite is ba-ack!

  4. PR – page rank on the net :)

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