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Bush blocks Abu Ghraib truth

The Bush administration continues to refuse to release photos and videos of Abu Ghraib that, by all accounts, show far worse scenes of torture.

We need to know what happened. We’re Americans. We’re supposed to believe in the power of truth. [Technorati tags: ]

5 Responses to “Bush blocks Abu Ghraib truth”

  1. “We’re supposed to believe in the power of truth”.

    The power of truth? It’s more like the power of B.S. Let’s not forget we are a nation founded by a bunch of rich slave owners that believed all men were equal….unless you were a woman or were black.

  2. I can’t help but wonder if releasing those pictures would be further abuse of the prisoner’s rights?

  3. Bush he’s a Schmendrick(rascal) so his supporters!

  4. “Know the truth and it shall set you free”, right? It has always been a little strange to have that chisled on CIA HQ.

    I think this Administration wants you to have faith, David, that they are doing the “right thing.” Evil pictures might shake your faith, therefore they are evil.

    It will take at least a generation and our own truth commission to begin to heal the crimes of this administration.

  5. The people responsible for the Abu Ghraib stonewalling like to pat themselves on the back as masters of PR.
    And I’m sure they would sign off on the “Our PR agency’s aim is to help knowledge emerge in public” part of your non-manifesto.
    With their fingers crossed.

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