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Scientific and academic use of RSS

Pito aggregates what he’s learned about the use of RSS and blogs among academics, researchers and scientists. Short answer: A lot’s going on.

The final point on Pito’s list is one he appropriately calls “awesome”: the University of Saskatchewan Library’s list of feeds from hundreds of journals, from Abacus to World journal of surgical oncology [Technorati tags: ]

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  1. How to use RSS Feeds

    Want to know how to use RSS feeds? As I noted in an earlier post, it is a skill that just about every educator should understand how to use. RSS feeds allow you to be notified when content changes on a website or blog. This link from the University of S

  2. RSS Feeds in for Academic Uses

    JOHO the Blog has a cool post linking to this interesting look at RSS feeds on Pito’s Blog. Pito has done some searching on how academicians and scientists are using RSS feeds to stay connected to information. Very interesting. A neat tool to keep in to

  3. Academic RSS …

    … here, see also dicussion. via Joho/Weinberger…

  4. RSS in the Academic/Research/Scientific community

  5. RSS in the Academic/Research/Scientific community

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