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Vacation observation

When doing pushups under water, most of your energy gets expended going down.

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  1. Is this a personal. Experince ? Any factiods to support statement ?? Btw, interesting..very interesting observation !!

  2. Yesterday afternoon I attached a floating ergometer of my own design before heading into the lake. There I performed a series of controlled experiments, reporting the results back through a wimax network I setup for this purpose. The results were analyzed the CDC and compared with those of 47 volunteers I had acting as experimental controls at spots at various latitudes (or possibly longitudes) in order to counter the gravitational effect of the moon. I ten wrote up my results and published them in this blog post.

    I will report soon on a second round of experiments done in low earth orbit.

  3. Dave, never meant thought the ques w/ would be taken on a note of sacarsam !!

    I was justing looking for factiods wrt to JPL / Nasa research which seem to indicate that distant plant exlpration would take more energy to land, rather then take-off !!

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