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7 Responses to “Sunrise photos”

  1. Go on. Tell me. They’re computer generated aren’t they?

  2. I’m not that good with a computer, Crosbie. Fortunately, with my Canon S60, you just point in the general direction of a good photo and it does the rest.

  3. Yeah right! these things are so fake lookin’!

  4. John, I took them with a plain old Canon, non-SLR and did absolutely no image editing of them. They are not fake. Thanks for the inadvertent compliment, though :)

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  6. where were these taken – great pics – wish i were there!

  7. I took them in July 2005. Obviously, I took them at dawn :)

    I recently posted a new set of photos of reflections in the lake — not as dramatic — here.

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