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FireAnt and LookLeap

I ended up spending a fair amount of time with Josh Kinberg at foo camp. His FireANT — at the attractive URL— aggregates and plays video feeds quite nicely. It looks highly useful, even in beta.

Glenn Fleishman has started using LookLeap instead of TinyUrl (one of my favorites) because he finds it “a little more transparent” because LookLeap lets you look up the shortened urls to see where they take you. In fact, simply adding “/look” to LookLeap’s short url takes you to a page that tells you where you’re going. Plus, the domains are human-readable.

For example, here are some versions of the Wikipedia page on “Abbreviation”




LookLeap info page about the LookLeap Url:

Note: With either LookLeap or TinyUrl, the links you create will only work so long as the LookLeap and TinyUrl sites remain up and working. [Tags: ]

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